Yours will be the Joys

2 Esdras 8:50-58  In the last days, the inhabitants of the world will be punished for their arrogant lives, by prolonged suffering.

But you, direct your thoughts to yourselves and look to the glory awaiting you and those like you.

For all of you, paradise lies open- the tree of life is planted, the age to come is prepared and rich abundance is in store. The City is already built, rest from toil is assured. Goodness and wisdom are brought to perfection.

From you, the root of evil has been cut off. For you, disease is at an end and death abolished.

All sorrows are at an end and the treasure of immortality is revealed.

Regarding the lost- when they had their freedom, they used it to despise the Most High, to treat His Laws with contempt and to go their own way.

What is more, they trampled on the godly. There is no God, they said – knowing full well that they must die.

2 Esdras 8:59-62 Yours then, will be the joys that I have prepared, theirs the thirst and torments. It is not that the Most High has wanted any person to be destroyed, but those people have brought dishonour onto their Creators name and shown ingratitude to the One who put life within their reach.

That is why My judgement is now close at hand, but I have not made this known to all – only to you and a few like you.

Reference; Revised English Bible Apocrypha, some verses abridged. 

Esdras = the Greek form of the Jewish name Ezra. Ezra was a prophet who returned to Jerusalem with Nehemiah and the exiles from Babylon, circa BC515. 

The Book of Ezra in the Bible Old Testament, is basically an account of this Return of the Jews at that time. It gives details of events and people, but it has no prophetic statements in it. 

So, for whatever reason, the early Church placed the two other books written by this Ezra – which contain his prophetic writings, into the Apocrypha. We can now, with modern translations, obtain the benefit of Ezra’s prophecies and the writings of other early Israelite authors.  o