Your Servants Lord; Prepare


2 Esdras 16:35-52 But you, servants of the Lord, listen and learn. Do not doubt what the Lord says.

Calamities are close at hand…..Disaster will not defer it’s coming and the world will groan in pain. My people, get ready for battle and when calamities surround you, behave as though you were strangers on the earth.

Those who buy, sell, build or plant must not expect to benefit from it

Those who marry must not expect children. For all who labour, labour in vain.

The indignation of justice toward wickedness, will accuse them to their faces, when the Lord arrives to expose every sin on the earth. Therefore, do not imitate wickedness or her deeds.  A very short time she will be swept away and the reign of justice over us will begin.

2 Esdras 16:53-67 Sinners cannot deny their wrongdoing. Everything that people do is known to the Lord, He knows their inmost thoughts.

God made the heavens and the earth. By His word He created all things. He created man, gave him breath, understanding and the Spirit of God. He knows your plans. Woe to the sinners who try to hide their sins!

The Lord will call all to account. Your wicked deeds will accuse you on the Day of Judgement. God is the Judge – fear Him. Have done with wickedness. Then God will set you free from all distress.

2 Esdras 16:68-73 A fire is being kindled and a great horde will descend upon you, you will be seized and compelled to eat food sacrificed to idols. Those who give in to them will be derided and humiliated.

In every place there will be violent attacks on those who fear the Lord. Your enemies will be like maniacs, destroying without mercy all who still fear the Lord. Plundering and ejecting them from their homes.

2 Esdras 16:74-78 Listen, you whom I have chosen; the Days of harsh suffering are close at hand, but I shall protect and help you.

Have done with fears and doubts, God is your guide. As followers of My commandments, do not let any sin weigh you down.

Woe to those who are entangled in their wicked deeds. They are like a field covered in brambles, to be separated off in readiness for destruction by fire.

Reference: Revised English Bible Apocrypha, verses abridged.