Your People, coming from the West and East

Your people, assembling at the Word of the Holy One

Baruch 4:1-4 Wisdom is in the Book of God’s Commandments. All who hold fast to it will live, but those who forsake it will die. Happy are we, His people, for we know what is pleasing to our God.

Baruch 4:5-11 Take heart, My people, those who keep My Laws. Israel was sent to the heathens, but not to be destroyed. Because you ignited God’s wrath, you were handed over to the enemy. You forgot your Maker, the One who nurtured you and it caused sorrow to the Land that fostered you. She saw that disaster had come upon you. With joy I brought you up, but with tears and mourning, I watched you go into exile.

Baruch 4:17-24 But how can you be helped? Only the One who brought those disasters upon you, can deliver you. Take heart My children – cry out to the Lord. He will rescue you from the power of your enemies. As the neighbours of Zion have seen your exile, so will they soon witness the deliverance of you, which will come to you with great glory and the radiance of the Eternal.

Baruch 4:25-29 My children, endure in patience the wrath that God has brought upon you. Your enemies now have the upper hand, but you will soon see them destroyed, soon put your foot on his neck. Take heart, My people, He who afflicted you will not forget you. . You went astray, now with tenfold zeal, you must turn back and seek Him.

Baruch 4:30-35 Take heart, Land of Israel, the Lord  will comfort you. Wretched will be they who mistreated you and gloated over your fall. Those who rejoiced over your downfall and ruin, they will grieve at their own desolation. I shall strip their land of the multitudes they boast of and turn their pride into mourning.

            Fire from heaven will be their doom.    [A Coronal Mass Ejection, sunstrike.]

Baruch 4:36-37 Jerusalem – Land of Israel, look and see the joy that is coming from all quarters, that is coming to you from the Lord. They come, the people from whom you were parted, assembling at the Word of the Holy One and rejoicing in the glory of the Lord.

Baruch 5:1-9 Jerusalem, remove your garment of mourning and put on forever the robe of righteousness, the glorious splendour of God. From Him, you will receive forever the name of Righteous City of Peace. Arise Jerusalem, look and see your people coming from West to East at the Word of the Holy One, rejoicing that God has remembered them. They went away from you on foot, but He is bringing them home to you, borne aloft in glory as on a royal throne. All the Land is regenerated by His command, so that His people may walk securely and the trees will give shade and fruit for them. He will guide Israel, His people, by the Light of His glory, in His mercy and righteousness.   Ref: REB Apocrypha.

At the Second Exodus of the Israelites: all the faithful Christian peoples will be guided into their inheritance, in the same manner as the First Exodus. ‘The Light of His glory’ will be with them, as they settle into all of that area promised to Abraham. They will live in the new nation of Beulah, Isaiah 62:1-5, while the remaining prophesied events unfold, then the great and glorious Day of the Return of Jesus will come. Micah 7:15