You that are Deaf; Hear Now!

       You that are deaf – hear now.   Look you blind, and see!

Isaiah 42:9 The earlier prophecies have come to pass, now I declare new things:

Isaiah 42:10-12 Sing a new song to the Lord, sing His praises throughout the world, you that sail the seas and you that inhabit the coasts and islands.  Let the wilderness settlements rejoice in Kedar and Sela. 

Isaiah 42:13-15 Long have I restrained Myself and kept silence, but now I cry out like a woman in labour. Now I shall lay waste to the hills and dry up the watercourses. The Lord will go forth as a warrior, He will raise the battle cry and triumph over His enemies.

Isaiah 42:16-24 You that are deaf, hear now, look you blind and see! Who is as blind as the one who has My trust, so deaf as the servant of the Lord?  You have seen much but perceived little, your ears are open, but you hear nothing. I shall lead the blind along paths they do not know, making smooth the way,  but those who trust in idols will be turned back in shame. It pleased the Lord to further His justice, to make His Law great. Yet, here is a people taken as spoil and plundered, all hidden away in prisons with no hope of rescue. Who will pay heed to this? Who was it that handed Israel over? Who gave up Israel for spoil? It was the Lord, against whom they sinned for they refused obedience to His Laws.

Isaiah 42 :25 So, onto Jacob He poured His wrath. The flames of God’s wrath burned him, yet still they did not take it to heart.

Isaiah 43:1-2 But now, Jacob, this is the word of the Lord, of Him who created you: When you pass through waters, I will be with you. When you walk through fire, you will not be scorched.

Isaiah 43:3-4 I am the Holy One of Israel, your Deliverer. Because I love you, I will give other peoples as ransom for your life.

Isaiah 43:5-7 Have no fear, for I am with you. I shall bring your descendants from the East and West. From the North and South and the ends of the earth, everyone who bears My name, all who I have made for My glory.

Isaiah 43:8 Lead out those who are blind – a people who have eyes, but cannot see, who have ears, but cannot hear.

 Isaiah 43:9 The nations are gathered. Which of them foretold former things? Or can interpret this for us? Let them prove their case, so we can see if it is true.

Isaiah 43:10-13 You are My witnesses, says the Lord. You are My servants, chosen by Me, so that you may understand that I am God alone. I am the Lord and I alone am your Deliverer.  What I do, no one can undo.      Reference: Revised English Bible, some verses abridged

42:10-12 All those who love the Lord, throughout the world – get ready to praise Him for their deliverance.

42:13-15 The Lord has restrained Himself, but soon He will act in the world.  Psalm 50:1-6

42:16-17 His People, righteous Christians, will be led into the Promised Land. Those judged unrighteous cannot enter. Ezekiel 20:37-38

42:18-20 The Lord’s servants are unable to understand prophecy or foresee His plans for them. Jeremiah 6:10

42:22-25 His people, were Israel and Judah, now His chosen beilevers are scattered among the nations by the Lord, as punishment for their sins. 

43:1-7 But now, when His people experience trouble, the Lord will protect them. All will be gathered into the Promised Land.   Isaiah 35:1-10

43:9-13 The other nations are ignorant of the Lord’s plans. The people of God are His witnesses and servants chosen by Him, all born again Christians from every race, nation and language, will know God and spread the gospel of the Kingdom of God.   1 Peter 2:9-10