Worldwide Catastrophe

Modern science generally denies catastrophism as the means whereby geological strata was formed and historians fail to account for some sudden changes being attributable to natural disasters. Their preferred theories are gradual changes over long periods, as in the theory of evolution, of millions of years. No real attempt is made to deny that the reason for this stance, is to avoid any hint that a Supreme Deity could be responsible.

Serious research of historical, geological and archaeological facts, does prove that in the past there were sudden and disastrous events, altering the earth’s environment, causing the death of civilizations and even altering the earths orbit.

The Bible, our one true guide, gives details of how God has acted in His creation in the past and prophesies that He will do so again in the future. Most of the events described, past and future, can actually be attributed to natural occurrences.  This is understandable, for to do a straight out miracle would remove any doubt about His existence, thereby abrogating our free will.  All creation is under His control, He has established everything according to His purposes.  

The records, written and oral of many peoples, proves that circa 1495 BCE there occurred a close bypass of a large celestial object.  The comet Typhon gained a place in Greek traditions as a mighty destructive monster, that hurled red hot rocks, roared loudly and caused the earth to quake. It is called Titan [Roman], Seth [Egyptian], Thor [Nordic], and Mexican, Finnish, African, South & North American and even Pacific Island peoples, have vivid traditions of how a fiery blast caused the sky to fall and killed almost everyone.

We know the date of the Babylonian conquest of Judah – 586 BCE. Counting back the years each king of Judah reigned to King Solomon’s  dedication of the Temple is a total of 429 years, plus 480 years to when the Torah was given, [1 Kings 6:1]: gives the date of 1495 BCE as the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.

The Apostle Paul states in 1 Corinthians 10:11 ‘All the things that happened to them [the Israelites], were symbolic and were recorded as a warning for us, upon whom the end of the age has come’.  So according to Paul and many other prophets, we can expect a similar occurrence in our days. Prophesy chapters such as Isaiah 24, Jeremiah 4, Ezekiel 7, Joel 2, Amos 9, Habakkuk 3, Zephaniah 1,2,& 3, Malachi 4, 2 Peter 3 and of course: Revelation 6:12-17, the Sixth Seal, all warn us of an impending worldwide disaster.

Possible explanations of some of what happened in the first Exodus:

Crossing the Red sea: The powerful East wind – caused by the heating of the Mediterranean.  Also the gravitational attraction of this comet, made for extreme tides.

The Egyptian plagues: Waters turned to blood – comet debris falling to earth. Deaths – by poisoning and asphyxiation.

Darkness: Sun moon and stars obscured by comet dust and volcanic ash.

Manna: Numbers 11:7-9  This substance cannot possibly be from Tamarisk trees, what they produce is only seasonal and very limited. It is reported that comets may consist of some carbon and hydrates. If this material came into our atmosphere, it could condense in the cool of night into carbohydrate flakes, that would be edible and would evaporate in daytime. This phenomenon is recorded by other peoples and is the means that many of them survived.

Calendar changes: Many ancient sources prove that before this shocking disaster, civilizations used a 360 day calendar. This comets position of travel must have been behind earth’s orbit and its gravity made our planet slow to a 365.24 year. There are a lot of references to resetting the calendar and we only got it corrected about mid common era. We see in Isaiah 13:13, the earth will again be moved out of her place, but this time the earth will speed up and once again orbit the sun in 360 days. This makes the times as given to us in Daniel and Revelation fit perfectly for the last seven years of this era.                                                                                            c