Worldviews and Science

Increasing numbers of scientists and other people now admit that the regularities and processes of nature must have their origin in a Divine Being and it all seems to be compatible with some religious teachings. However, influential organizations and people continue to call any eternal or divine reality into question.

The result of having no ultimate authority is that most societies now display a lack of moral values, there is a hopelessness and a profound sense of the meaninglessness of life. For most people, the outlook is grim. All seems to be destined to death and disappearance. Some religious and cultural groups continue to live by beliefs and convictions of a better destiny and the transformation of human life and the world around us. But the dominant powers discredit their vision and render them ineffective. Before science took the high ground, it was fairly compatible with religion, or made to be so, now science attempts to provide the whole story from creation to a final total annihilation. This scenario gives us a sense of the temporary and transient character of our lives, but we should not let it undermine our personal and spiritual way of life.

Christianity [and some other religions] preach the inevitability of personal death, as well as the reality, in this age: of poverty, crime and war. It is stressed that this physical reality as we know it, must pass away and that passing will occur in global and cosmic cataclysms that will seem to be the end of everything. But then, in God’s holy Word, the Bible, we are given the blessed hope of a greater future, of our redemption and the regeneration of the earth, where we will live as our Creator intended.

The requirement for us to gain this promise is for us to believe that there is a Creator, that He does have a plan for His creation, to repent of our sins and trust Him in faith for our salvation and redemption. Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!