With God, we gain Victory

        Psalm 60:1 You have rejected and crushed us, O God. You have been angry – restore us.

Psalm 60:2 You have made the Land quake and caused it to split open. Repair it’s ruins, for it is shattered.

Psalm 60:3-5 You have made Your people drunk and senseless. But, to those who fear You, You have raised a banner to which they may escape from the bow. Save with Your right hand those whom You love.

Psalm 60:6 God has spoken from His sanctuary; I will go up and divide Sechem and the valley of Succoth.

Psalm 60:7-8 Gilead and Manasseh are Mine. Ephraim is My helmet, Judah is My sceptre. Moab is My washbowl, on Edom I will fling My sandals. Over Philistia, I will triumph.

Psalm 60:9-11 Who will bring Me to the fortified city? To Edom. God, you have rejected us – You no longer lead our armies. Help us against our enemies, we cannot expect help from other men.

Psalm 60:12 With God, we shall gain victory and He will tread our enemies underfoot.                                     Ref. REB some verses abridged

V 1 A prayer for the restoration of His people.   Daniel 9:15-19, Psalm 118:25-29

V 2 The Lords Day of vengeance and wrath has damaged the Land.   Isaiah 32:12-14

V 3 Your people, unaware of Your plans for them.   Proverbs 22:3, Isaiah 42:18-20

V 4-5 Those who love the Lord will receive a sign, warning them to shelter from the terrible Day of fire and storms.   Ecclesiastes 8:5

V 6 The Land, prepared for the homecoming of the twelve tribes of Israel.                Ezekiel 36:29, Jeremiah 29:13-14

V 7 Ephraim and Manasseh, part of the 10 Northern tribes, Judah is the Jewish people.

V 8 The evil neighbours cleared out of Greater Israel.     Jeremiah 12:14

V 9-11 A prayer for help against Israel’s enemies.  Psalm 83:13-18

V 12 The Lord will provide the victory.   Ezekiel 36:36