Wisdom of Solomon

Wisdom of Solomon 1:1-5 Love justice, you people of the earth, set your mind upon the Lord and seek Him in purity of heart. For He is to be found by those who trust Him without question and He makes Himself known to those who never doubt Him.         Dishonest thinking cuts people off from God and if fools think they can abrogate  His Laws, He shows them up for what they are. Wisdom will not enter a shifty soul, nor make her home in a body that is mortgaged to sin. The Holy Spirit will shun falsehood, she cannot stay in the presence of unreason, and will withdraw at the approach of injustice.

Wisdom of Solomon 13:1-9  What born fools are all who live in ignorance of their Creator!  From the good things before their eyes, they cannot learn to know Him and fail to recognize the Maker, though they observe His handiwork. Fire, the wind, the sun and moon – these they make their gods.

        If in the beauty of these things, people suppose them to be gods, they should understand how much better and greater, must be He who made them. For the greatness and beauty of created things gives us some idea of the Creator. Perhaps these people are really seeking God, but with enough understanding to speculate about the Universe, why can’t they realize that there must be a Maker.

Wisdom 14:22-31  Then, not content with crass error in their knowledge of God, people live in deep ignorance and call this evil, peace. They perform secret ceremonies and the frenzied orgies of unnatural cults. The purity of life and marriage is abandoned All is chaos, bloody murder, theft and fraud, corruption, treachery, riot, adultery, sexual perversion, and honest folk driven to distraction. For the worship of idols, whose names it is wrong even to mention, is the beginning, the cause and the end of every evil. Judgement will overtake them on two counts- because in their devotion to idols, they have denied God and because in their contempt for religion, they have perjured themselves.

Wisdom 15:1-3 But you, our God, are kind and true and patient, a merciful Ruler of all there is. Even if we sin, we are Yours, since we acknowledge Your power. But because we know we are accounted as Yours, we shall not sin. To know You is the whole of righteousness and to acknowledge Your power is the root of immortality.

Wisdom 19:13-22 On the sinners, however, punishment comes, heralded by violent thunderbolts. They suffer justly for their own wickedness, because their hatred of strangers and the oppression of Your righteous people.

Reference; Revised English Bible Apocrypha, abridged.