Will the world just continue on?

Will the world just continue on, more or less as we are now? Or will there be a ‘reset of Civilization’ similar to what happened in Noah’s time?
I believe the latter, God did destroy the ante-diluvian peoples and He says He will do it again; this time with fire.
It seems that Noah’s society was quite similar to our own today. Just getting on with life as normal. But the similarity that both societies have that our Creator God cannot allow to continue, is how the majority of the people have no regard for and ignore their Maker.
Humans are like self drive cars that have gone off every which way!

A non Christian may ask; Why are we here? They fail to read God’s Word that states His intention: To have a people who believe in the Creator God and have chosen of their free will, to keep His Commandments. They will be the ones who will go with God into Eternity, the rest of mankind will not. Revelation 20:11-15

Malachi 3:16-18 Those who feared the Lord talked together and the Lord paid heed and listened. A record was Written before Him of those who feared His and respected His Name.
They will be Mine, says the Lord of Hosts, My own precious possession on the Day that I appoint, for I shall spare them as a man spares the son who serves him.
Once more it will be known who are righteous and who are wicked, between the servant of God and those who do not serve Him.