Who will Actually fight the Battle?

Psalms 149:4-9 For the Lord accepts the service of His people….Let the praise of God be  on their lips and a 2 edged sword in their hand…carrying out the Lords judgement.

Joel 3:9-15 Proclaim to the world, declare war, let the troops advance to attack. Prepare your weapons, let the weak say; I am strong.

Ezekiel 25:12-14 Because Edom exacted harsh revenge on Judah, incurring My lasting wrath, I shall stretch My hand over Edom, destroying all from Teman to Dedan.      I shall wreak My vengeance on Edom through My people, Israel. They will deal to Edom as My anger demands.

Isaiah 41:15-16 See- I shall make of you a sharp threshing sledge. You will thresh mountains and reduce hills to chaff, the wind will carry them away. Then you will rejoice in the Lord.

Micah 4:13 Start your threshing, people of Zion, for I shall make your horns iron, your hoofs bronze and you will crush many peoples. Their wealth will belong to the Lord.

Obadiah 18 Then the House of Jacob will be a fire and the House of Joseph, a flame.    They will burn up the House of Esau, there will be no survivors.

Zechariah 9:13-16 For My bow is strungEphraim the arrow, the sons of Zion as a warriors sword against the Gentiles. The Lord will appear over them, with flashing arrows and sounding trumpet, advancing with the storm winds of the South. The Lord will protect them and they will prevail, trampling underfoot the enemy, exulting as if drunk with wine.

Numbers 24:17-19 Edom will be conquered. Israel will do valiant deeds. Jacob will trample them down, the last survivor, he will destroy.

Malachi 4:3 On the Day I take action, you will tread down the wicked, they will be as ashes under your feet.

Jeremiah 51:20 You are My battleaxe, My weapon of war, with you I shall break nations and destroy Kingdoms.                            Ref: REB some verses abridged

Jesus is the One who instigates the judgement of the “Lords Day of vengeance and wrath”, with His fiery Judgement/punishment, but in ancient times and even in our time, as evidenced by the wars of Israel against impossible odds, it is His righteous people who actually take control of the lands of His enemies. Psalms 37:29

 2 Samuel 22:10-16 & Psalms 18:7-15 say that the Lord will not be seen during this next judgement..

 As prophesied in Psalms 83 & Jeremiah 12:14-22, the terrible Day of the Lord- Malachi 4:1 will be the next Middle East event and is also the Sixth Seal. Revelation 6:12-17,  Zephaniah 1:14-18.

This will virtually depopulate the entire Middle East, except for a small remnant left in Jerusalem. Then, His people, Christian Israelites, will gather and settle in all of the holy Land. After this, will come the attack by Gog, from Magog. The Lord will destroy them, so as to display His power.  Then, it will be a few years before a One world leader will come to power, then, after the Tribulation, the Lord Jesus returns in His glory to commence His Millennial reign. At that time, He will destroy Satan’s armies attacking Jerusalem.                                                                                 <�/�E�٩<�?�