What will you do at the Time of the End?

Jeremiah 5:1-2 Go up and down the streets of Jerusalem, look and take note, search for anyone who acts justly or one who seeks the truth – that I might forgive that city. People may swear by the Lord, but in fact they perjure themselves.

        Is it possible to find anyone there today, acting in real truth and justice?

Jeremiah 5:3 Go; You look for righteousness. You have punished Your people, but they took no heed and refused to learn. They hardened their hearts and would not repent of their sins.

         Israel and Judah, punished by their exiles, but they still don’t truly repent.

Jeremiah 5:4-5 The Lord thought; these are only the common people, those that don’t know the Laws of their God. I will go to their leaders and teachers, they should know the right ways. But, they too, have gone away from the right path and no longer keep the Laws or trust the Lord.

    Our leaders are often not good Christian examples and many false doctrines abound.

Jeremiah 5:6-9 So they will be struck down by disaster, for their rebellious deeds and apostasies are beyond counting. Why should I forgive them for this? Your children have forsaken Me, with idols and adulteries. Shall I fail to punish them for this? I will exact vengeance on these people.

Jeremiah 5:10-13 Prune the vine, lop off the branches, for they are not the Lord’s.  Faithless are Israel and Judah, both faithless to Me, they both deny their God, saying: He does not see or care – no harm will come to us, we won’t see war or want. The prophets just spoke empty words, meaningless wind. Therefore, because they talk this way, I shall make My words a fire in your mouth and it will burn up these people like brushwood.

        Apostate, atheistic Judah, the Jewish people, and Israel, the Christian peoples, are still similar to their ancestors. The clear prophetic warnings were ignored then and are ignored now. The ‘burning’ did not happen then, still future.

Jeremiah 5:14-19. I am bringing against you a distant nation, of mighty warriors, they will conquer you and destroy cities. But in those days, I shall not make an end of you. When you ask; Why has the Lord done this to us? You will say; it was because we forsook our God, so we must serve foreigners and live in another land.

         In ancient times Assyria conquered Israel then Babylon conquered Judah. Now their decreed punishment by exile is nearing completion.

Jeremiah 5:20-25 Proclaim this to the people of Israel and Judah: Listen you foolish and senseless people, who have eyes, but see nothing, ears and hear nothing. Do you not fear your Maker and tremble before Me? But My people have a defiant and rebellious heart. They have rebelled and gone their own way. They did not acknowledge how the Lord gives the rain and their prosperity. Their wrong doing has upset natures order and their sins have kept away her bounty.

Jeremiah 5:26-31 For among My people there are scoundrels, who lay traps and prey upon others, They grow rich and fat, by turning a blind eye to wickedness. Shall I fail to punish them for this? There is an appalling outrage in this Land. Prophets prophesy lies, the Rabbis and priests rule by their own authority – that is the way the people like it. What will ye do in the end thereof?  Isaiah 51:1-30

Reference; REB, NIV, KJV. Some verses abridged.