What will He do for us, we who bear His Name?

2 Esdras 3:17-22 Lord, You rescued Jacob’s descendants from Egypt and led them to Mt Sinai. There You made the heavens bow down and by Your glory, gave the Commandments to the Israelites. But You did not take away their evil hearts and thus enable Your Law to bear fruit in them. For as Adam sinned, so all his offspring are inveterate sinners and the good of the Law came to nothing.

2 Esdras 4:23-37 Why has Israel been scattered among the nations? Why are Your people, those whom You love, living in the godless nations? Why has the Law of our fathers and our Covenant with You, been discarded? Our lives are short, are we even worthy of Your pity? What will He do for us, we who bear His Name?

      [those who bear His Name; are every faithful Christian, the Lord’s people. John 15:16]

Those who are living at the end of the age will see and marvel. This present age is full of sorrow and weakness, people are unable to grasp what is promised in due time for His godly people. Until the full crop of evil has been reaped and the ground on which it was sown has been cleansed, there will be no room for the place where the good will be sown. Terrible will be the harvest, one seed of evil has produced a great crop of godlessness!

But when? How long must we wait? The reply: Do not be in a hurry for yourselves alone, the Most High is concerned for the many. The same question is asked by the righteous in the storehouse of the souls: How long must we stay here? [Revelation 6:10-11] As soon as the tally of those like yourselves is complete. The Lord has measured and numbered the ages, He will alter nothing, the appointed time must be reached.

2 Esdras 6:17-28 The time draws near when I shall come to judge the earth’s  inhabitants, a time when I shall enquire into the wickedness of the wrongdoers and the time when Zion’s humiliation will be over. All will see this judgement at the same moment – a loud trumpet blast will strike terror into all who hear it. Whoever is left after all that will be saved and will see the salvation that I bring. Wickedness will be blotted out, but faithfulness will flourish and truth will be revealed.

2 Esdras 9:1-12 Watch carefully, when you see earthquakes, insurrections, unstable governments and panic among the leaders, then you will understand that the time is near for the Most High to begin to judge the world. The times determined by the Most High are marked; the beginning by portents and miracles, the end by manifestations of power. All who come safely through, thanks to their good deeds or the faith they have shown, will survive the dangers I have foretold and will witness the salvation I shall bring to My Land, the special area set apart for eternity as My own.

Then those who have neglected My ways, will be taken by surprise, their contempt for their Maker will bring them to destruction. All who disdained My Laws while freedom was still theirs, who scornfully dismissed the idea of penitence while the way was still open, all these must learn the truth through torments after death. The just will be saved, the world is theirs and for their sake it exists.                                    Reference: REB Apocrypha. Some verses condensed.     e