What the Word Says

It is a very sad fact that some people in the church, including the leadership, no longer accept the authority of the Bible. When we pick and choose the Scriptures, it means we miss out on the whole plan of God for this world.  In our blindness, we no longer see the deceptions that surround us on every side. We do not see the ultimate aim of Islam, nor do we realize that the world is headed for a battle between God and the forces of evil.

Many people remain ignorant of the Word of God because they have turned instead to human wisdom and the traditions of mankind. Mark 7:13 

Among many Christians, the prophetic Scriptures have been labelled “best left alone”, consequently the Church generally has a very incomplete and often incorrect picture of things to come.

Unfortunately, many Christians live almost exclusively by the New Testament and they spiritualize nearly everything in the Old. The whole world of the Middle East with its Jews and Muslims, has become shrouded in mystery – remote and out of mind. The idea that God has a plan, still uncompleted for His people and the Land, is incomprehensible.

Faulty exegesis of the Biblical promises concerning who exactly constitute the real descendants of Abraham, in God’s sight; has led many Christians astray. Having had little teaching on the prophetic Scriptures, they are extremely confused about God’s dealings with the Jews:  the House of Judah, currently in the holy Land.  The House of Israel: the 10 tribes, taken into captivity by the Assyrians and lost to world knowledge, but who are now mainly the Western, Christian peoples, versus the descendants of Ishmael: the Arab and related peoples.  

God promised to Abraham that Ishmael would become a great people and receive blessings and He kept that promise. Genesis 17:20 [The Arab nations and their oil wealth]

Sadly, Ishmael’s descendants did not remain faithful to Abraham’s God, instead they went their own way and by the time of Mohammad, they had 365 “gods”. Mohammad chose one of these, Allah, to be the ‘one true god’, whom he considered to be the giver of the promises to Ishmael.

Church preaching and teaching that does not see the rescue and settling of ALL of the faithful Israelites of God; now every born again Christian, into all of the Promised Land, causes uncertainty and confusion about the future. Just as traditional theology prevented the Jews in 30AD from recognizing their Messiah, so much doctrine today obscures the signs of our times. God clearly says that He will bless His people, now the Christian Israelites of God and over forty prophecies detail their gathering into all that area that He gave to Abraham, so long ago. That this amazing migration and settling happens before the Return of Jesus, to commence His Millennium reign, is clear by the tasks that they are given in order to prepare themselves and the world for that event.

The prophet Daniel, tells us that God’s Holy people are present in the Land at the time the Anti-Christ comes them and places his image in the Third Temple. Daniel 11:30-35, Daniel 7:25, Revelation 13:7, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4    Ref: Islam and Israel,  E Davidson.