What Prophecy says, Prophecy Means

In order to understand end time events, it is necessary to be clear about the provable fact of the continued separation of the House of Judah (the Jews) from the House of Israel (the 10 Northern tribes). While, at present, about half of the world’s Jews live in the State of Israel, they do not claim descent from tribes other than Judah, Benjamin and Levi.

It is God’s plan that the ten Northern tribes of Israel and the Jews, be dispersed around the world and that Israel lose its identity; Ezekiel 36. It is them who have, in the main, become Christian.

The restoration and redemption of the Lord’s people, is a theme well covered by almost all the prophets. His people descendants of all the 12 tribes and every Christian who loves the Lord and follows His ways, Jew or Gentile.

Prophecy is quite clear about the eventual gathering of all the Israel of God, Galatians 6:16,  into the Land promised to their forefathers. When this will happen is the question to consider.  Most church teaching says this will occur at the time of Jesus’ return, when He gathers His chosen from the four corners of the earth’. Matthew 24:31. As Israelites are not specified, these people will be from every race nation and language – those who have kept their faith in God and have not taken the mark of the beast.

Careful study of Scripture makes it clear that the Christian Israelites [Amos 9:8b-12] will resettle all of the Land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The current inhabitants of Greater Israel face judgement in this next prophesied event – the Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath. Isaiah 2:12-22, Ezekiel 21:6-7, Hosea 3:3-6 & 12-15.

His people, the faithful Israelites will be saved and protected – Hosea 11:8-9. They will be a light to the nations and will prepare for the coming Kingdom of Jesus.

Ezekiel 20:36-44 …’I will state My case with you, as in the days of Egypt’. This second Exodus of the Israelites will take place in a similar way as the first. Then both verses 42 and 44 say: ‘You will know that I am the Lord ‘. Therefore all this takes place before the return of Jesus, as then all the world will know and see His glory and presence.

We, as Christians, must lead lives that will be judged worthy, so when this gathering of His people happens – in the near future, we may be accepted to live in the Land. Isaiah 35:1-10, Romans 9:24-6