West Bank Politics

 The West Bank area of Israel is quiet and normal life goes on, with good signs of increasing prosperity.  Tourism is booming and businesses are thriving.

The Fatah government of the Palestinian Authority, led by Abbas, is practically irrelevant, only seen as a figurehead by international diplomacy.  Real authority is exercised by the E.U. appointed Prime Minister and the head of security. They control the $2.8 billion annual budget, mostly donated from the E.U.   An article from the Washington Post (Tuesday April 27th) reads,  “He is moving ahead with an ambitious plan to get the Palestinians ready for statehood by trying to build it from the ground up: paving roads, reforming the judiciary, planning new cities.”

In the1967 war, Israel conquered the area from Jordan. King Hussein of Jordan was told by President. Nasser of Egypt that the Arabs were winning, so join in to destroy Israel. This was at the same time that the Egyptian army was surrounded and Israeli troops were advancing to Cairo!!

Jordan has now ceded the West Bank to Israel, but the United Nations, pressured by the Arab bloc, refuse to ratify the Jordan River border.

Time and again the Palestinians have been offered their own State by Israel.

This is always turned down, as their clearly stated goal is to remove Israel and rule the entire area. Nothing less is acceptable.

Gaza is controlled by the Hamas faction. Their annual budget is $540m of which $480m is aid from Iran.  Hamas leader, Khaled Mashaal stated recently to Fatah “we will not succumb to your terms. We won’t pay a political price no matter how long the blockade lasts. God is with us and He will grant us the victory.”

So the split in the Palestine National movement is ultimately a function of the broader strategic situation of regional cold war in the Middle East, currently divided into a loose alliance of states to the U.S. and the West, and an Iranian led “resistance bloc” of states and movements.

Gaza and also the Hezbollah in Lebanon serve Iran well, giving an effective veto over any attempt to revive the peace process.

In the near future, Iran will announce its possession of nuclear weapons. This will alter the situation dramatically, causing Israel to reconsider its “Samson Option” of a pre-emptive strike. The next Mid East attack against Israel, must have vast repercussions and will probably usher in the end times countdown.