Tobit the Napthali

This is part of the deathbed words spoken by Tobit, who was taken into captivity by the Assyrian troops of Shalmaneser. He and his wife, Anna, were taken from the town of Thisbe, in upper Galilee, to Nineveh, the capital of Assyria.

Tobit 14:4 I know that all of Gods words will be fulfilled. It will be so, not one of them will fail. Our countrymen who live in the Land [the Jews] will all be scattered and carried off into captivity out of that good Land [the Babylonian attack] The whole of Israel’s territory with Samaria and Jerusalem will lie waste and for a time the Temple of God will be in mourning, burned and destroyed. .

Tobit 14:5 But God will have mercy on them [the House of Judah] and will bring them back to the Land. They will rebuild the Temple, yet not as it was at first, not until the time of fulfilment comes. Then all Israel will return from their captivity and rebuild Jerusalem in splendour; then indeed Gods House will be built in her as the prophets of Israel foretold.

Tobit 14:7 All the Israelites who are alive at that time and who are firm in their loyalty to God, will be brought together; they will come to Jerusalem to take possession of the Land of Abraham and will live there, securely for ever. Those who love God in sincerity will rejoice, sinners and wrongdoers will disappear from the earth.

Tobit 14:6 All the nations in the whole world will be converted to the true worship of God; they will renounce the idols which led them astray into error, and will praise the Eternal God in righteousness.

Tobit 14:8-9 Now, my children, I give you this command; serve God in truth and do what is pleasing to Him. Teach your children to do what is right and give alms, to be mindful of their Maker and praise Him sincerely.

Tobit died at the age of 112. His son, Tobias, escaped the destruction of Nineveh, by escaping to Ecbatana, in Media. Tobias lived for 117 years.

Verse 4 Tobit prophesies that the House of Judah will also be conquered and   dispersed.

Verse 5  Judah returns to the Land under Ezra and Nehemiah.

                 King Herod rebuilds the Temple circa 50BC, then it is destroyed again, 70AD.

                 The third Temple is to be built by all Israel after their return.

Verse 7 All descendants of Jacob; Israelites, who are righteous believers, will enter the   Promised Land, to live securely forever.

Verse 8-9  You, who are the Lord’s people; [faithful Christians] Serve Him, do what pleases Him, instruct your children in the truth, give your time and money, think on Him and praise Him with sincerity.

Reference; Revised English Bible Apocrypha.