To You, Lord; I cry out

Joel 1:1-4 Hear this, you leaders, listen to Me all you inhabitants of the Land. Has anything like this happened in your days or in days gone by? Tell it to your descendants, how the Land has been despoiled and made desolate.

Disaster has happened in the past to Israel, with the various conquests, but not to the full extent as described here by Joel and other prophets. This prophecy is a warning to us, now in the last days. Zephaniah 1:14-18 & Zephaniah 3:8

Joel 1:5-12 Wake up and mourn, you drunkards, for your wine is denied to you. A vast horde has invaded My Land, with their teeth of destruction they have killed all the vines and trees. Despair, all you farmers for your harvest is lost, the ground is dry and scorched and all the good things have come to an end.  Isaiah 66:15-17

Joel 1:13-18 Put on sackcloth, you Rabbis and those who administer before the altar, for the offerings are withheld. Appoint a solemn fast and mourn, all who live in the Land – cry out to the Lord. For the Day of the Lord is near – it comes, a mighty destruction from the Lord. It is already before our eyes, there is neither joy or gladness and our food is cut off. Our harvests are destroyed and our livestock are starving.  Micah 1:2-4, Habakkuk 3:12

Joel 1:19-20 To You, Lord, I cry out! For fire has consumed the pastures and flames have burnt up every tree. The streams and pools have dried up.  Ref. REB.

Scripture explains itself, as in the next chapter of Joel, we have the vivid description of how the Lord will carry out this forthcoming judgement upon His Land and the world. Joel 2:1-11……sound the alarm, let all the inhabitants of the Land tremble, for the great Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath is coming, a Day of darkness and dense cloud. A vast host appears – flames precede them, fire makes all a desolate waste behind them. As they approach, the earth shakes and thunder rolls before them as they leap the mountain tops and burst into the houses. Great is the Day of the Lord and who can endure it?  Zechariah 3:9b, Jer. 4:25-28, Isaiah 5:24-25

Isaiah 30:26 tells us what it is that causes all this to happen – The sun will shine with seven times its normal strength…  This means what it says, it will be a coronal mass ejection, an enormous burst of cosmic particles [a vast host] exploded out from the sun and aimed straight at the earth. It is how the Lord will carry out His judgement on ALL the world – Joel 2:2a…like the dawn, spreading across the mountain tops… as the earth rotates to face the sun and all the world will be affected, but the initial and heaviest strike is upon the Middle East, at midday, as prophesied in Zephaniah 2:4

This terrible and shocking event- the like has never been known, nor will be in all the ages to come. Joel 2:2b – will commence within 8 minutes of ejection from the sun, as a powerful light flash, then 24 hours later a multi million ton mass of highly charged particles that will envelope the earth will strike, causing death and immense damage worldwide. The only thing we can do is ‘cry out to the Lord’  and trust for His protection. Deuteronomy 32:41-43, 2Samuel 22:8-16, Isaiah 34:1-5, Psalm 11:6, Jeremiah 30:23-24 Isaiah 33:10-12, Psalms 144:5-6, Isaiah 63:1-6, Isaiah 26:21, Isaiah 30:30, Isa. 9:18-19, Isaiah 2:12-21, 2 Thess. 1:8, Revelation 6:12-19