To all who hold to the belief of a rapture…

To all who hold to the belief of a ‘rapture to heaven’ of the Church:
Have you really considered any alternative to a ‘rapture’? Because there are viable and scriptural end times scenarios where God’s people remain on earth.
You need to know that many respected Bible scholars cast doubts on the rapture, if not actively refute that theory.

So the attitude of some ‘rapture to heaven’ believers, how they hold the moral high ground, is unwarranted and in some cases, amounts to a very judgmental and sometimes rude response to their fellow Christians.
This is a serious indictment against all who have strong beliefs but fail to really study or comprehend any alternatives.

Is it really God’s Plan to remove His people, so they avoid the tough times prophesied to come?
Why should He do that for this generation, when all the previous generations have faced persecutions?
‘Rapture’ believers say it is a secret thing, therefore it’s not clearly stated in the Bible. Not in the Bible? So it is in fact, unbiblical and comes under the category of mankinds teachings. 2 Timothy 4:3-4

Jesus warned us against being deceived; Paul said; that ravening wolves would deceive the flock, even from among the Christians men will distort the truth to get people to follow them. Acts 20:29-30
So, plainly; some are deceived and even if they may be in a majority, that does not mean their beliefs are true.