They will soar on Eagles Wings

    Isaiah 40:1-11 Comfort My people, bring comfort to them, says the Lord. Speak kindly to Jerusalem [Judah] and proclaim that her term of bondage is served, her penalty paid, for she has received at the Lord’s hand a double portion for all her sins.

A voice calls; Clear a road through the wilderness and a highway across the desert for our God. Let the Land be levelled, then the Glory of the Lord will be seen by all mankind.

A voice says; Proclaim! All mortals are grass, they wither and fade like plants, but the Word of the Lord endures forever.

Call from the mountains, the good news. Shout to Jerusalem “Your God is here” He is coming in might, coming to rule with His powerful arm. His reward is with Him. He will tend His flock with care.

Isaiah 40:12-26 Who is like God? All peoples are as nothing in His sight. No one can tell the form or likeness of God.

Do you not know, have you not heard? Since the world was founded, God sits enthroned above the earth. He reduces the great to nothing. To whom then, can you liken Me? Who is My equal? Consider the stars, He made them one by one.

Isaiah 40:27-31 Jacob, why do you complain? Israel, why do you say: God does not heed my plight? Do you not know, have you not heard: God, the Creator does not grow weary or faint and His understanding is unfathomable.

The Lord gives strength to the exhausted. Young men may faint, but those who look to Him will gain new strength, they will soar as on eagles wings, run and not grow weary – march and not feel faint.    Reference REB, NIV. Verses abridged.

Isaiah, the prophet, commissioned to bring Israel back to the Lord. Isaiah 49:3-6.

V 1-2 is specifically for Judah, they receive a double measure seven times seven, of     punishment. Lev 26:24-28.

        The House of Israel receive seven times. Leviticus 26:18, Ezekiel 4:4-6.

V 3-8 A way prepared for His people, Christian Israelites to enter all the holy Land.

V 9-11 This refers to the Return of Jesus, coming to commence His Millennial reign. At this time all the rest of the House of Judah will rejoin Israel.

V 12-26 The Lord is supreme, He reduces the mighty and tends His flock with care.

V 27-31 Jacob/Israel: the Overcomers, the faithful Christians, the Lord WILL hear your plight, you will march into the holy Land, with joy and thanksgiving. He will give strength and encouragement to those who look to Him and trust in His promises.