There was a Time


2 Esdras 9:18-22 There was a time, before the world had been created for men to live in, and I was planning it for the sake of those who now exist. No one then disputed My plan, for no one existed. I supplied the earth with unfailing food and a Law not to be questioned; but those whom I had created, turned to corrupt ways of life. I looked at My world and there it lay spoilt and it was in danger from men’s wicked plans.      I saw this and I was hard put to spare any at all, but I saved for Myself one grape out of a cluster, one tree out of a large forest. So then, let it be; destruction for the many who are born in vain and salvation for My grape and My tree, which have cost Me much labour to bring to perfection.

2 Esdras 9:30-37 Hear Me, Israel, listen to My words you descendants of Jacob; [actual and spiritual] this is My Law which I am sowing among you to bear fruit and bring you everlasting glory.  But our fathers, though they received the Law, did not observe it; they disobeyed its commandments. Not that the fruit of the Law perished – that was impossible, for it was yours, rather those who received it perished, because they failed to keep safe the seed that had been sown in them. Now, the usual way is that when seed is planted or a ship on the sea, or food in a jar, then if the seed or the ship, or the contents of the jar be destroyed, what held or contained them does not perish along with them. But with sinners it is different, destruction will come upon them, the recipients of the Law- the vessel that held the Law. The Law itself is not destroyed; it survives in all its glory.

2 Esdras 9:7 All who come safely through and escape destruction, thanks to their good deeds or the faith they have shown, will survive the dangers I have foretold and witness the salvation I shall bring to My Land, the territory that I have set apart for all eternity for My own. Then those who have neglected My ways will be taken by surprise; their utter contempt for My ways will bring them lasting torment.

2 Esdras 10:13-14 The days are coming when the earth will be under an empire more terrible than any before. It will be ruled by twelve kings, one after another, the second to come to power will have the longest reign of all the twelve.

2 Esdras 10:32-34 Then the Messiah, whom the Most High has kept back until the end of the days- He is from the line of David, will come and address those rulers, taxing them openly with their sins, their crimes and their defiance. First, He will bring them alive to judgement, then after convicting them, He will destroy them.    But He will be merciful to the rest of My people, all who have survived in My Land, He will set them free and give them joy, until the final Day of judgement comes.                                Reference: REB Apocrypha

V 34….all of My people, who have survived in My Land.

 V 8……..will witness the salvation

This clearly shows that His people, every faithful Christian will gather and live in the Land before the Return of Jesus. They will face tribulation the 3½ years before that event.