Then there will be Peace

         Micah 4:11  Now many nations are massed against you, they say; let her suffer outrage, we will gloat over Zion.

Micah 4:12  They do not know the Lords purpose, for He has gathered them like sheaves to the threshing floor.

Micah 4:13  Start your threshing, people of Zion, for I shall give you supernatural strength and you will crush many peoples. Their wealth is to be devoted to the Lord.       As in Psalm 83, the Islamic nations attack Israel. The Lord will destroy them, with His people helping.

Micah 5:1  Now, withdraw behind your walls, you people of a walled city. The siege is pressed against you.      Israel’s ruler is struck on the cheek with a rod.          Go into your bomb shelters. Your leader will be injured.

Micah 5:2  But you, Bethlehem, from you will come Israel’s King. His origin is from the ancient past.  Jesus, born in Bethlehem.

Micah 5:3  Therefore, Israel will be abandoned until she who is pregnant gives birth.  Then, those of the people who survive will rejoin their brethren.

          Israel and Judah scattered among the nations. After the Mideast war, they will rejoin and settle in the Land. The “people who survive” are those who do not take the mark of the beast and manage to survive the Tribulation.

Micah 5:4  He will rise up and lead them in the strength and majesty of God. His people  will enjoy security, for His power will reach the ends of the earth.


Reference; Revised English Bible. Some verses abridged.