The Word, given to Jeremiah

The Word given to Jeremiah

Jeremiah 30:1-24 The Lord God of Israel, tells Jeremiah to write these Words: The time is coming, when I shall restore the fortunes of My people, both Judah and Israel, and bring them back to take possession of the Land which I gave to their ancestors.

In that Day, says the Lord, I shall break the yoke of servitude off their necks, they will serve only Me and David, their King, raised up for them. Do not be afraid, Israel, My servants, for I shall bring you back safe from afar, all your posterity from the lands where they are now. You will be at rest once more, secure and untroubled, for I am with you, to save you. The nations will be punished and you too, will be disciplined as you deserve.

Now, Israel and Judah are punished for their sins by exile among the nations. Yet all who despoiled you will themselves be despoiled, I will heal your wounds.

The Lord says: I shall restore the fortunes of all Israel and show my love for their dwellings. Cities and houses will be rebuilt where they once were. From them, praise and merrymaking will be heard. My people will increase and be honoured, their oppressors will be punished. A ruler will appear, one of themselves, a governor will arise from among them. I will bring him near and let him approach Me. So you will be My people and I shall be your God.    Hosea 1:10-11   

See what a scorching wind has gone out from the Lord. A whirlwind that sweeps around the heads of the wicked. The Lord’s anger is not to be turned aside until He has fully accomplished His purpose.

This is what the Lord says to Israel and Judah: We have heard a cry of terror, of fear without relief, every face turns pale. How awful is that Day, there has been none like it. It is a time of anguish for Jacob, yet he will come through it safely.

In days to come, you will understand.Daniel 12:8-10         Ref: REB. Verses abridged.

Verses 4-7 & 23-24 describe the Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath, the next prophesied event, a ‘scorching whirlwind, a seemingly natural event of a sunstrike, Coronal Mass Ejection, that will allow unbelievers to continue in their unbelief. His purpose’; is to punish His enemies. Jacob, that is: Israel, the Western nations and Judah: the State of Israel, will also be badly affected, but most will survive.  It will clear the way for His people, all of the Christian Israelites, be they true descendants or grafted in; ‘My servants, I shall bring you back safe from afar’, to gather and settle in the new country of Beulah, in all of that area given to Abraham. Isaiah 62:1-5

These wonderful promises to His servants, faithful Christian believers – saved and protected during the terrible Day of the Lord’s wrath, will take possession of their Land, ‘secure and untroubled, cities and houses rebuilt’, they will increase and be honoured. It is not hard to imagine, the ‘praise and merrymaking’ of His people after such amazing promises are fulfilled. They will ‘serve only the Lord’, as we do now and a king/leader will appear, one of themselves’ and he will be able to approach the Lord in the same way as Moses did, so long ago. The Lord ‘will reveal His glory among His own’. 2 Thess. 1:10

The High Priest, Caiaphas prophesied the gathering of the scattered children of God – John 11:52, Paul said the Twelve Tribes hope is in their restoration – Acts 26:6-7. Jesus will burn the chaff and gather the wheat – Matthew 3:12. The ‘wheat’, His righteous people,  will live in peace and prosperity in the Land of Greater Israel, after the clearance brought about by the Day of the Lord. They will send out 144,000 missionaries to proclaim the good news of the coming Kingdom of Jesus.  Isaiah 66:19.