The Wisdom of the wise will Vanish

The Wisdom of the Wise will Vanish.  Isaiah 29:14, 1 Cor. 1:19-21

That this prophecy is true today, is proved by the almost total lack of understanding of God’s plans for our future by Christians and by the proliferation of theories, ideas and pure fiction about end times events. Also, as is prophesied in Isaiah 29:9, those who believe false teachings will become locked into them and be unable to discern or comprehend the truth of what will happen. 2 Thess. 2:11

The Lord says: I frustrate false prophets and make fools of diviners. I reverse what wise men say and make nonsense of their wisdom. Isaiah 44:25, Romans 1:22

 Jesus says: I thank You Father for hiding these truths from the learned and wise and revealing them to the simple. Matthew 11:25-26, 1 John 4:4-5

Daniel is told: Keep these words secret and seal them up until the time of the end…only a few wise leaders will understand.  Jeremiah 23:20

From the above Bible quotes, we see that there are two types of ‘wise’ people. Those who promote theories, ideas and doctrines that are not fully supported by scripture and those few who search all the prophesies and discern the truth of the end time events.

Here are some of the theories, ideas and fanciful notions that abound today:

1/ The Return of Jesus is the next event. This is totally refuted by 2 Thess. 2:1-4

2/ The wrath of God all happens at the Return. To move the Sixth Seal – stated to be the wrath of God and the Lamb, means shuffling the given sequence of Revelation. The Wrath of God, the Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath, His coming IN the clouds, Psalm 18:7-15, Hab. 3:4 is described quite differently and happens years before the Return ON the clouds. Matthew 24:30, Rev 19:11

3/ The ‘rapture’. A removal of Christians to heaven before the Day of Wrath. Nowhere in the Bible is it stated that at any time, alive or dead, will any humans go to live in heaven. John 3:13 We are earth creatures and as believers in God and Jesus, we have work to do on earth, our destiny is to be ‘a light to the nations’. Isaiah 42:6, Matthew 5:14-16

4/ The Jews are Gods chosen people. To say this not only abrogates the redemptive work of Jesus for all mankind, but also ignores God’s promises to the Patriarchs and His plan for all the Israelites, whom He watches and cares for. Jeremiah 16:17, Amos 9:9

5/ There will be a World War 3. Or an economic meltdown, or some other man caused problem will trigger the end time events. It is prophesied over 70 times that the Lord will send a judgement/punishment of fire to destroy His enemies. Matthew 3:12, 2 Peter 3:7

6/ Preterism. The belief that all the prophesies are fulfilled or abrogated by Christ. They deny the historical facts, refute Nahum 1:2 and all the yet to be fulfilled prophesies. Psalm 110:5-6, Matthew 3:12, Revelation 1:1

7/ Revival must come first. Actually this is correct, but that revival will be instigated by the 144,000, Rev 14:1-7. They will go out from the new nation of Beulah in pairs, to proclaim the coming Kingdom, as the precedent in Luke 10:1-10

8/ The lack of teaching on the Prophetic Word. Preachers shy away from any mention of prophecy and judgement, so the people have no real knowledge of end time events.

9/ The need to avoid the ‘mark of the beast’. Rev 13:16-17 But Rev. 7 tells us God’s servants are marked with ‘the seal of God’. God’s people, ‘from every tribe, nation and language’ are gathered in the holy Land, the new nation of Beulah. Isaiah 62:1-5

10/ Apathy. The sheer carelessness and laziness of not attempting or trying to understand what a large proportion of the Bible is informing us. Deut. 32:28-29, 2 Peter 1:19

For now, as we are in the Church age, Ezekiel 14:1-10 applies. This passage says if the Israelites, that is: the Lord’s people, ‘set their hearts on sinful things, then the Lord will give to them the beliefs they desire’. So anyone who wishes to avoid God’s wrath by ‘going to heaven’, or want to think nothing much is yet to happen, then the Lord will allow them to believe that and it will make an understanding of the truth difficult for them.  Jeremiah 6:10