The Wisdom of Elihu the Buzite

   Job 31:2-4 What is the lot [for mankind] prescribed by God above? Is it not disaster for the wrongdoer? God Himself sees my ways and takes account of every step.

Job 31:5-6 I swear- I have had no dealings with falsehood. I have taken an oath, never to let my eyes linger on a woman. Let God weigh me in the scales of justice and He will know that I am blameless.

Job 34:10-11 But listen to me, you people of good sense. Far be it from God to do evil. For He requites everyone according to their actions and sees that each gets the reward their conduct deserves.

Job 34:31-32 Suppose you were to say to God; I have overstepped the mark, but I will do no more wrong.  I am contemptible, grant me guidance. Will He, at those words forgive your rejection of Him?

Job 35:9-12 People cry out under the weight of oppression and call for help against the power of their oppressors. But none of them asks; Where is God, my maker?          who gives protection and grants knowledge. So, when they cry out, He does not answer because they are proud and wicked, All to no purpose, the Almighty takes no notice.

Job 36:13-14 The proud rage against Him and refuse to ask Him for help when caught in troubles, so they die in their prime – short lived as male prostitutes.

Job 36:15 Those who suffer He rescues through suffering and teaches them by the discipline of affliction.

Job 37:19-20 Teach us, then what to say to God, for all is dark and we cannot marshal our thoughts. Should He be told what it is I want to speak? Surely I would be swallowed up.

Job 37:21 Now, no one can look at the sun, bright as it is in the skies after the wind has swept them clean.

Job 37:22 Out of the North, He comes in golden splendour and awesome majesty.

Job 37:23 The Almighty is beyond our reach and exalted in power, yet in His great righteousness, He does not pervert justice.

Job 37:24 Therefore, mortals pay Him reverence and all who are wise fear Him.

Reference: REB,NIV,KJV some verses abridged                                

The Book of Job teaches us a lot about how God interacts with His creation. In chapter 31, Job protests his innocence, then the discourse of Elihu says that God requites everyone according to their deeds.

Job 37:21-22 may allude to the Lords Day of vengeance and wrath.  Isaiah 30:26