The Temple will be Rebuilt

     Zechariah 8:2 Again, the word of the Lord came to me; I am very jealous for Zion, I am burning with jealousy for her. [the Lord will redeem His Land and people]

Zechariah 8:3 This is what the Lord says; I will return to Zion and dwell in Jerusalem, it will be called the City of Faithfulness and the Temple mount will be called the Holy Mountain.

Zechariah 8:4-5 This is what the Lord Almighty says; Once again old people and children will inhabit the streets of Jerusalem.

Zechariah 8:6 This is what the Lord Almighty says; Even if this may seem impossible to the remnant of this nation, will it be impossible for Me?

Zechariah 8:7-8 These are the words of the Lord of Hosts; I am about to rescue My people from countries in the East and West and bring them back to live in Jerusalem. They will be My people and I shall be their God, in faithfulness and justice.

        [the Land cleansed, His people gathered, judged and settled in the Land]

Zechariah 8:9 These are the words of the Lord of Hosts; Take heart, all you who now hear that the Temple is to be rebuilt as the prophets foretold. [Zechariah 6:15]

Zechariah 8:10 Before that time, there was no hiring of man or beast, because of your enemies, for I had set every man against his neighbour.

Zechariah 8:11 But, I do not feel the same toward the remnant of this people as I did in former days, says the Lord of Hosts.

Zechariah 8:12 For they will sow in safety, I will give them rain and the Land will yield it’s produce. This is the inheritance of My people.

Zech 8:13 To the nations you, House of Judah and House of Israel, have become as a curse; now I shall save you – you will become proverbial as a blessing. Courage, do not lose heart!  [His Christian people, will be an example to the nations]

Zechariah 8:14-15 These are the words of the Lord; Just as I determined to bring disaster on you when your forefathers made Me angry, so I have resolved to do good again to Jerusalem and Judah. Do not be afraid.

Zechariah 8:16-17 This is what you must do; speak the truth to each other and administer true justice in your courts. Do not plot evil and do not love perjury, for all these I hate. This is the word of the Lord.

Zechariah 8:19 These are the words of the Lord; Keep the fasts of the 4th, 5th, 7th and 10th months. They will be festivals of joy for Judah. Love truth and peace.

Zechariah 8:20-22 These are the words of the Lord; In future, nations and peoples will come to Jerusalem to entreat the favour of the Lord.

Zechariah 8:23 These are the words of the Lord; In those days, 10 people from every nation will take hold of a Jew and say; Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.

Ref; REB, NIV, KJV. Some verses abridged.