The Spirit of Wisdom

The Spirit of Wisdom is kindly toward mortals, but she will not hold a blasphemer blameless for their words, because God, who sees clearly into every heart, is a witness to everyone’s words and actions. Therefore no one can utter injustice and not be found out, nor will justice overlook a sinner at the Judgement. Do not court death by leading a crooked life, do not draw disaster upon yourself by your own actions. For God did not make death and He takes no pleasure in the destruction of any living thing. But the godless, by their deeds and words have made a pact with death.

The just and righteous person, even one who has died an untimely death, will be at rest. Even after death, a righteous person will shame the godless still alive, they see it but do not lay to heart the truth that those whom God has chosen will enjoy His grace and mercy and He comes to the help of His holy people.

The hope of the godless is like smoke that the wind blows away, but the just live forever – their reward is in the Lord’s keeping and He will protect them with His Right Hand.

The Lord will cover Himself from head to foot with the armour of His wrath and make His creation His weapon against His enemies. His Holiness will be an invisible shield and with the sharp sword of His relentless anger, the bolts of lightning will fly straight to their mark upon His frenzied foes. The fiery arrows from His bow in the clouds leap to their target and the artillery of His resentment will let fly a fury of hail. The waters of the sea will rage over them and the rivers will wash them relentlessly away. A great tempest will rise against them and scatter them like chaff before a whirlwind. So lawlessness will change the whole world and evildoing will overthrow kingdoms.

The true beginning of wisdom is the desire to learn and a concern for learning means love toward Wisdom. The love of Wisdom means the keeping of the Laws and to keep the Laws is a warrant of immortality.    Ref: Wisdom of Solomon 1:6-16, 5:14-25 REB Apocrypha.

 ‘The Spirit of Wisdom’, The Lord Jesus Christ. Proverbs 8:22-31, 1 Cor. 10:4, Col. 2:3

make the creation His weapon’,    The Lord will use a seemingly natural event to carry out His judgement and punishment upon the godless. Isaiah 30:26

‘an invisible shield’,    The Lord will not be seen during this event.  Psalms 18:11

‘bolts of lightning, fiery arrows from His bow in the clouds’, The only literal explanation for these effects is a CME explosion of the sun. Habakkuk 3:4

‘the sea will rage over them’. Huge tsunamis will slosh from side to side of every ocean and lake. Jeremiah 51:42. Amos 9:6

‘change the whole world’, This proves that this is an event still to happen, it mostly affects the Lord’s enemies and our modern infrastructure will be severely damaged, but most people will survive. A One World Government will be formed, and for those who have kept their faith in the Lord, every faithful Christian: they will be motivated to travel to and live in the Holy Land.  ‘He comes to the help of His Holy people’.    Isaiah 43:2, Psalms 107