The Song of David

      The song of David at his deliverance from his enemies is also prophetic, as the events described did not happen at that time. This song is repeated in Psalm 18.

2 Samuel 22:2-51 The Lord is my champion, the Rock in which I find shelter.  My refuge, my Deliverer, who saves me from violence.

I shall call to the Lord- to whom all praises are due and He will keep me safe. Although death surrounds me, in anguish I cried to the Lord. He heard me from His Temple, my cry reached His ears.

The earth quaked, shaking because of his anger. Smoke, devouring fire and searing heat came out from Him as He parted the heavens and came down to the earth, flying on the back of a cherub. He swooped down on the winds with darkness and vapour as His covering. Thick clouds came from the radiance before Him and glowing coals burned brightly. God thundered from the heavens, the Most High raised His voice. He loosed arrows far and wide. At the blast of His breath, the channels of the sea and the foundations of the earth are laid bare.    Rev 6:12-17,  Zephaniah 1:14-18

He reached down from on high and rescued me from my enemies when they had become too powerful for me. They confronted me in my hour of peril, but the Lord delivered me. He brought me into liberty because he delighted in me. The Lord repaid me as my righteousness deserved. For I have kept the commandments of the Lord and not turned to wickedness. I have never failed to follow His decrees and because I was spotless in His eyes, He has rewarded me as I deserved.

To the loyal, You show Yourself loyal- to the pure You show Yourself pure. You bring humble folk to safety and You humiliate those who are proud.  You have given me the shield of Your salvation, my feet have not slipped. I strike down my foes, I set my foot on my enemies’ neck and I wipe out those who hate me. Like mud on the streets, I shall trample them. You set me free from and make me a master of nations. A people that I never knew will be my subjects. Foreigners will submit to me in fear and trembling.

Therefore, Lord, I shall praise You among the nations as one who keeps faith with His anointed, with David and his descendants forever.

The Lord lives! Blessed is my Rock!            Reference: REB some verses abridged.

This Bible passage, in Samuel 22 and Psalm 18, although written by David as a praise and thanks to the Lord – is also a prophecy. Verses 8 to 16 describe an event that did not take place in his lifetime, it describes the Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath, prophesied in many other passages. This fills in the details of how the Lord will not be seen on that Day and how devouring fire will consume His enemies. Isaiah 63:1-6 and other verses, say how the Lord will trample the nations, Isaiah 30:26 gives the method of this judgement: the sun will shine with seven times its normal brightness

A massive Coronal Mass Ejection explosion of the sun will result in a fulfilment of these prophesies.   Psalms 11:4-6, Malachi 4:1