The Rotten Loincloth


 Jeremiah chapter 13:1-10 Jeremiah is instructed to buy a loincloth. He is then told to hide it near a river. After a long time, he retrieved it, but it was ruined.

Jeremiah 13:11-27 Thus, I shall ruin the enormous pride of Judah, these people with stubborn hearts, who worship other gods – they will become like that cloth, no good for anything.  Hosea 8:14,  Jeremiah 8:5-12

……I bound all Israel and all Judah to Me, so that they should become a source of renown and praise to Me, but they did not listen.  Isaiah 31:6-7

.I shall make all who live in Jerusalem drunk….. I shall show no compassion nor refrain from destroying them.  Obadiah 12-16

Pay heed, be not too proud to listen, for it is the Lord who speaks.

                Give glory to God, before the light that you look for turns to darkness.

  If in the depths you will not listen, then weep bitterly for the Lords people are carried off into captivity. [Judah conquered by Babylon and again in AD70]   Ezekiel 21:14

Say to the King and the Queen mother; take a humble seat, for your crowns have fallen.  Ezekiel 21:25-27

The towns in the Negev are besieged, no one can relieve them. Judah has been swept clean away.  This is paralleled by Ezekiel 20:46-47, Isaiah 9:18-19, Jer 10:18

Look up and see! Those people who are coming from the North.

 The Lord’s people, all true Christians, migrating to the Land.  Isaiah 41:8-10

Where is the flock that you were so proud of

God’s people scattered among the nations.

What will you say when your leaders are missing? When you wonder why this has happened? It is because of your many sins.  Isaiah 3:1-3

Can a Nubian change his skin? No more can you, [Judah] do good, so accustomed are you to doing evil.  Isaiah 38-9

I will scatter you like chaff, before the desert wind.  Jeremiah 33:14

This is your lot – I have decreed this for you, because you have forgotten Me and trusted in false gods. I will bare your shame for all to see.   Isaiah 3:16-26

For your adulteries and shameful deeds – woe to you Jerusalem. How much longer will you be unclean?    Nahum 1:12-15

This is a clear prophecy about the judgement of Judah in ancient times and again, soon to happen, proved by the unfulfilled prophesies here and throughout the Bible.

 Then, the Lord’s faithful Christian people will enter the Land from the North. Isaiah 49:12  They will live there, in peace and security, to prepare for the Return of Jesus.

Reference; Revised English Bible, some verses abridged.