The Prayer of Tobit

Tobit was an Israelite from the tribe of Naphtali. He, his wife Anna and son Tobias were taken from the town of Thisbe in Northern Galilee, into captivity by the Assyrians.

This is the prayer he wrote:

Tobit 13:1-14 Praise to the ever-living God  and to His Kingdom. He both punishes and shows mercy, He brings some down to the grave below and saves others from the great destruction. Nothing can escape His power.

You Israelites, give Him thanks, for having scattered you among the nations, He has shown you His greatness there. Exalt our Lord and Father for ever.

Though for your sins He will punish you, yet He will show mercy to His people, wherever you may be dispersed around the world. When you turn to Him with all your heart and soul and act in loyal obedience to Him, then He will turn to you, He will hide His face from you no longer.

Consider now what He has done for you and with full voice give Him thanks, praise the righteous God and exalt the Eternal King.

In the land of my exile, I give thanks to Him, I declare His might and greatness to this sinful nation. You people who have turned away from the Lord: Turn back and do what is right and who knows, He may yet welcome you and show you mercy.

O Jerusalem, holy city, the Lord will punish you for what your people have done, but He will have mercy again on the righteous. Praise God for His goodness, for the sanctuary will be rebuilt, He will give rejoicing to His people, to the exiles now in distress and separated from their heritage.

The radiance of the Lord will shine to the ends of the earth, many peoples will come from every corner of the world, bearing gifts for the King. In Him endless generations will find joy, His chosen City will endure forever.

Accursed will be all who speak against You, all who cause destruction and fight against Your people. But forever blessed will be those who rebuild the holy Land and establish Your Kingdom.

Come then, be joyful for the righteous, for they will be gathered together and will live to praise their Redeemer. How happy will be all who love the Lord, happy in prosperity, happy to be released from the affliction of exile, rejoicing in His grace and mercy to them.

Tobit 14:7 All the Israelites who survive at that time [the end of the decreed exile] and are firm in their loyalty to the Lord will be brought together, they will come to Jerusalem to take possession of the Land of Abraham and will live there in peace and security. Those who love God in sincerity will rejoice, sinners and evildoers will disappear from the earth.   Ref: REB Apocrypha