The Prayer of Jonah:

Jonah 2:2-9 In my distress I called to the Lord and He answered me, from the depths of hell I cried for help and He heard my voice. You cast me into the depths of the ocean, the water closed around me and the waves swept over me. I thought that I was banished from Your sight and I would never again look toward Your holy Temple. 

           The water about me rose to my neck and seaweed twined around my head. I was in a situation impossible to escape from, but as my senses failed me, my prayer reached You and in Your favour, You brought me out of the pit into safety.

            Those who cling to false gods may abandon their loyalty, but I, with hymns of praise shall offer sacrifice to You. What I have vowed, I shall fulfil.

            Victory is the Lords!

Jonah is the only prophet who does not speak about the forthcoming fire judgement. However what happened to him is an excellent example for us. For three days and three nights, that is: 72 hours, he was trapped inside a huge fish and his miraculous survival proves to us that the Lord can and will protect and save His own during the terrifying Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath. Psalms 140:12-13

The 3 day [72 hours] is right for the period from the initial flash of the Coronal Mass Ejection, Isaiah 30:26, that the Lord will use on His Day of wrath, until it all finally passes on into outer space.

Jonah was ‘in deep distress’, he thought he would die.  Psalm 91:9-12

He ‘called to the Lord and He answered’.  Joel 2:32, Psalms 18:6, Acts 2:21

Those who  ‘cling to false gods’, will have no help or support. Isaiah 26:10

‘Victory is the Lords’, He will destroy His enemies and His righteous people will ‘offer hymns of praise’, as they gather in the holy Land. Psalms 118:15-21, Isaiah 41:8-10, Revelation 2:7