The Prayer of Hannah

The Prayer of Hannah   1 Samuel 2:1-10

My heart exults in the Lord, in the Lord, I now hold my head high.

             I gloat over my enemies, I rejoice because You have saved me.

             There is none so holy as the Lord, none so righteous as our God.

             Cease your proud boasting, speak no words of arrogance.

             For the Lord is a God who knows, He governs what mortals do.

 Strong men stand in silent dismay, but those who slipped gain new strength,

           Those who had plenty fight for a crust and the poor and needy grow strong.

 The Lord metes out both death and life, He can bring the dead up again.

       Poverty and riches both come from the Lord, He brings low and He raises up.

           He lifts the weak out of the dust and raises the poor from the refuse heap

              to give them a place among the great, to give them seats of honour.

 The foundations of the earth are His making, The Lord sets the world in its place.

 He will guard the way of His loyal servants and the wicked will be silenced in darkness.              For it is not by strength that a mortal prevails.

 Those who oppose the Lord will be terrified, when from the heavens, He thunders against them, He will judge all the earth, His King [God’s Right hand: Jesus] will be endowed with strength, His head will be raised high.

The Prayer of Mary    Luke 1:46-55 

My soul tells out the greatness of the Lord, my spirit rejoices in my Saviour.

            For He has looked with favour on His servant, lowly as she is.

            From this day forward all generations will count me blessed,

            for the Mighty God has done great things for me, His Name is holy.

            His mercy is sure forever, toward those who fear Him.

He has shown the power of His arm, He routs the proud and all their schemes.

     He has brought down monarchs from their thrones and raised on high the lowly.

      He has filled the poor and needy with good things and sent the rich away empty.

He has come to help Israel, His servants, as He promised to our forefathers,

            He has not forgotten to show mercy to Abraham and his children’s children forever.                                           

The Prayer of Judith     Judith 16:13-17

I will sing a new hymn to my God: O Lord, You are great and glorious,

            You are marvellous in Your strength, invincible.

            Let Your whole creation serve You, for You spoke and all things came to be.

            You sent out Your spirit and it gave them form, none can oppose Your Word. Mountains will shake to their depths, like water, rocks melt like wax in Your presence.

            You still show compassion to those who fear You.

            All sacrifices with their fragrance are but a small thing.

            All the fat of the whole offerings is of no significance to You.

            But those who fear the Lord will gain strength and overcome.

Woe to the nations who attack Your people, the Lord Almighty will punish them.     On the Day of Judgement, He will consign them to fire and worms.            In pain, they will weep forever.

These three godly women prayed for God to destroy the ungodly peoples.

We know from the Bible prophets that the Lord will act against all who refuse to acknowledge Him. Isaiah 66:15-17, Romans 1:18, Revelation 6:12-17

Now, nearly 2000 years after Jesus came to show us the Way, the Truth and the Life, we can expect His judgement/punishment to happen quite soon.

We Christians are told to call upon His Name: Jesus, Acts 2:21, on that terrible Day and we will be protected. Isaiah 41:13