The Oracle of Tyre

An Oracle of Tyre:

Isaiah 23:1-7 Wail you ships of Tarshish, for your harbour is destroyed, your port of entry from Kittim is swept away.

Be silent, you people of the coastlands and you merchants of Sidon, whom the seafarers have enriched. They brought food and every other kind of merchandise, you became the marketplace of the nations. Now; be dismayed, you great sea fortress, for you no longer have children to care for.

Other peoples will ask: Is this the great city of ancient times, the one that moved to settle in far off lands? Is this the place where merchants were princes, where traders were the most honoured men on earth and who founded colonies in distant places?

Isaiah 23:8-11 Who planned this about Tyre? The Lord Almighty planned it, to bring low their pride  and to humble those of high status. Plough and plant your own fields, you people of Tarshish for your strength is lost, for the Lord has stretched out His hand over the sea, He has shaken kingdoms and destroyed your military power.

Isaiah 23:14-18 Lament you ships of Tyre, for now your strength is laid waste. From that time you will be forgotten for seventy years; the span of one reigning monarch’s life. At the end of the seventy years, the Lord will turn again to you and you will once more become an great trading people. The merchandise and the profits shall be dedicated to the Lord, it will not be stored up, but will be given to those people who dwell in the holy Land, for their food and clothing. Psalms 72:10

Tyre: An ancient seaport on the Lebanon coast. Destroyed by Alexander in 332 BC.

Kittim: The island of Cyprus, used in the Bible as a ‘type’ for the Western nations.

Tarshish: Not the Tarsus of Paul, in Southern Turkey.

              : Tarshish was the name of a son of Javan, of Japheth, of Noah.

              : Tarshish is also the name of the precious stone of the tribe of Asher.

              : Tarshish, Wikipedia – A place, a city or country, far away from Israel by sea, whose people are great traders, thought be some to be Carthage of Tattessos in ancient Spain. [These places were ‘stepping stones’ for them]

Ezekiel 27:12 & 25 Tarshish was the source of your commerce, from its abundant resourcs of tin, iron, silver and lead. Ships of Tarshish brought their cargoes to you. Jeremiah 10:9

Jonah 1:3….Jonah tried to escape the Lord, by going to the most distant place a ship could then take him, which was Tarshish.

So the place referred to in the Bible as Tarshish, is a city or country far distant from Israel, accessible from the sea and was a place of mineral wealth.

The British Isles fits this description and secular records confirm how all those minerals were mined there, then shipped to many parts of the ancient world.

When Alexander the Great conquered ancient Tyre, he built a causeway out to the city. The people who were Israelites, mostly from the tribe of Asher, could see their demise was imminent, so they took to their ships and sailed away to settle in a far off land. Exactly as Isaiah 23:7b says.

In due course of time, they became great again. Their sea fortress; London, became the marketplace for the nations and they have founded colonies in distant places.

Now, be dismayed, for you have lost your military power and your Empire!

World Wars 1 and 2 bled the British Empire dry. But the seventy years as prophesied could not have commenced in 1945, as that is now 74 years ago. The span of the reigning monarch tell us: Queen Elizabeth was crowned on 2nd of June 1953, 66 years ago, therefore the time for their restoration is mid 2023.

Then, they will support the new nation of Beulah, all the Lord’s faithful Christian people, living in all of the holy Land. Isaiah 62:1-5