The Near Future of Planet earth

Isaiah 10:1-4 Woe betide you who enact unjust laws and draft oppressive edicts, depriving the poor of justice and robbing My people of their rights. What will you do, when called to account, when devastation from afar confronts you? Where will you hide your riches and leave your children? Nothing will remain, but that you cringe among the captives or fall with the slain.

Isaiah 9:16-19 Those who guide My people have led them astray and those who follow them are deluded. Therefore the Lord will show no mercy to the youths or pity the widows and fatherless. They are a nation of godless evildoers, everyone speaks impiety. For all this, His anger has not abated.

The ungodly are set ablaze, like a fire it consumes the briars and thorns. It sets the forests ablaze and all is wrapped in a pall of smoke. The land is scorched by the fury of the Lord and the people will be fuel for the fire.

Isaiah 8:9-10 Take note you nations: You will be shattered. Listen all you distant parts of the earth, arm yourselves and be defeated, prepare for battle and be shattered. Devise your plans, but they will be foiled, prepare what you will, but it will not be carried out.

Isaiah 10:17-19 The Light of Israel will be become a fire, their Holy One, a flame – which in one Day will burn up and consume His thorns and briars. The beauty of the forests and pastures will be suddenly devastated and only a remnant will remain.

Isaiah 13:9-13 The Day of the Lord is coming, that cruel Day of wrath and fierce anger, a Day of darkness to reduce the earth to a desolation and to destroy the wicked there. The Lord will punish the world for its evil, the wicked and proud peoples will be cut down. Humans will be as scarce as gold, as rare as the gold of Ophir. The sky will tear apart and the earth will be moved from its place at the wrath of the Lord Almighty, on the Day of His blazing anger.

                                                                                    Ref: REB, NIV. Some verses abridged.

These Bible prophecies say it all, how the unjust and godless peoples will be brought to account, those ‘thorns and briars’, that is: those who despise the Lord’s people and attack the holy Land, will be punished. Ezekiel 28:24 & 30:1-5, Jeremiah 12:14

This is prophesied to be carried out by the means of a terrible judgement of fire, earthquakes, storms and tsunamis, all literally to be fulfilled by a Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun: ‘tearing apart the sky’. Isaiah 30:26, Malachi 4:1 That will ‘reduce the earth to desolation’, and ‘cut down all the proud and wicked peoples’.  Their plans against the Lord’s people will not be carried out. Deut. 32:22&34-35, Psalms 83:1-18, Psalms 7:12-16, Jer. 49:34-37, Rev. 6:12-17

But, after this sudden and shocking event, those who love the Lord and keep His Commandments, every born again Christian, have His amazing promises of their redemption and the restoration of the Holy Land, where they will gather and live in peace and security. Ezekiel 36:8, Jeremiah 33:12-13, Isaiah 66:12-21, Joel 2:21-24

Is the Day the Lord ‘tears apart the sky and reduces the earth to desolation’, the same Day of the Return in glory?  No, these scriptures do not match with the Return, this happens first in order to fulfil God’s promises to the Patriarchs; Psalms 105:5-10 and for the sake of His Holy Name. Ezekiel 36:22