The Messiah is the Judge

2 Esdras 12:32-34 The Messiah, from the stock of David, whom the Most High has kept back until the end of the age, will come and judge the rulers of the nations and after convicting them, He will destroy them. But He will be merciful to the rest of My people, all those who survive and in My Land, He will set them free and give them joy until the final Day of judgement comes.

2 Esdras 12:46-49 Take courage, Israel, lay aside your grief, you descendants of Jacob. The Most High keeps you in mind, He has not forgotten or abandoned you. I pray for Zion in her desolation and beg for mercy, the sanctuary now fallen so low. Go to your homes, all of you and in a few days, I will return to you.

2 Esdras 13:2-4 In my vision, I saw a Man flying with the clouds of heaven and wherever He looked, everything trembled and wherever the sound of His voice reached, everyone who heard it melted as wax at the touch of fire.

2 Esdras 15:22-27 The Lord says: I shall show sinners no pity, My sword will not spare those murderers who stain the ground with innocent blood. The Lord’s anger has burst out in flame, scorching the earth to its foundations and consuming sinners like burning straw. Woe to the godless who flout My commands, I shall show them no mercy. Away from Me, you rebels, do not pollute My sanctuary with your presence. The Lord knows who offend against Him and has consigned them to death and destruction.

        Already calamities have spread over the world and there is no escape from them, God will refuse to rescue those who have sinned against Him.

2 Esdras 15:40-43 & 50 Huge clouds; mighty and full of fury will ravage the land and its inhabitants and a terrible storm will sweep over all that is high and exalted, with a deluge of fire and hail. It will flatten to the ground; cities and walls, hills and mountains, trees and crops in the fields. When the scorching heat bears down upon the earth, its strength and splendour will wither like a flower.

2 Esdras 16:74-78 Listen you who I have chosen! The days of harsh suffering are close at hand, but I, the Lord, will rescue you from them. Have done with fears and doubts – God is your guide! As followers of My commandments and Laws, you must not let your sins weigh you down or let wickedness gain ascendancy.

        Woe to those who are entangled in their sins and overrun with wicked deeds! Unless they can clear away the path to righteousness, they will be separated off in readiness for destruction by fire.   Ref: REB Apocrypha. Some verses abridged.

None of the above passages say that this happens at the Return of Jesus in His glory. That event is described quite differently and happens much later, after many other things that are prophesied must take place.  

Israelites, the literal descendants of Jacob, does refer to the Jewish people, but only those who follow My commandments and keep My Laws. However, since Jesus came and extended His salvation to all who will accept it, John 3:16, then we Christians are the Spiritual descendants of the Patriarchs and the Israelites of God. Galatians 6:16