The Meaning of this is Concealed from you

It is unfortunately true that the more people who study the prophetic scripture and attempt to establish a coherent picture of the end times, then the more different ideas, theories and scenarios are promulgated. WHY IS THIS?

The Bible does tell us why and the prophet Daniel says that ‘only a few wise leaders’, that is: those few who diligently study the Word and avoid all false teachings and doctrines, will know what will happen.  

Luke 18:32-34 The Son of Man will be handed over to the Gentiles. He will be mocked, maltreated and spat upon, then flogged and killed. Then on the third day, He will rise again. But the disciples could not understand or grasp what He was talking about, for its meaning was concealed from them.

Isaiah 29:9-14 Because this people worship Me with empty words and just pay Me lip service while their hearts are far from Me and their religion is but human precept, learnt by rote: therefore I shall shock them, adding shock to shock. The wisdom of their learned people will vanish and the discernment of the intelligent will be lost.

            If you confuse yourselves, you will stay confused. If you blind yourself, you will stay blinded. Be drunk, but not with strong drink, for the Lord has poured upon you a spirit of deep stupor, He has closed the eyes of the prophets and muffled the seers. The prophetic vision of it all has become for you like the words of a sealed book, a book impossible to understand.

Isaiah 56:10-11 For all Israel’s watchmen are blind, perceiving nothing, they are all dumb dogs that cannot bark just dreaming as they sleep in ignorance. Israel’s shepherds understand nothing, all going their own way in their greed and false teachings. Ref: REB paraphrased

 ‘its meaning concealed from them’, This shows how God can and does hide true understanding from those whom He wishes to. Deut. 29:4, Matthew 11:25

this people’,  this refers to followers of Judaism and Christianity. Ezekiel 12:2

wisdom and discernment will be lost’, because of false doctrines, non Biblical teachings and outright idol worship, the Lord has drawn the veil of inability to understand His plans and purposes. Deuteronomy 32:28-29, Isaiah 6:9-10,Jeremiah 6:10

if you confuse yourself, you will stay confused’, people who have believed the comfortable idea of a rapture, or say ‘all is peaceful, all secure’, will be shocked by the Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath, the soon to happen judgement/ punishment of His enemies.

‘Israel’s watchmen understand nothing, in their greed and false teachings’, Those who preach incorrect doctrines and who write end times fiction, will face a more severe judgement on that great Day. James 3:1, Matthew 23:10, 2 Peter 2:1-3

Ecclesiasticus 15:1-10 He who fears the Lord will act thus: He will give his mind to study and will meditate on understanding and if he masters the Law, wisdom will be his. Wisdom will come out and greet him like a mother, like a bride to her husband and his food will be the bread of understanding, his drink: the water of wisdom. He will rely on her and not be put to shame. He will find prosperity and in the assembly, his words will be inspired. Fools will never possess wisdom, nor will sinners catch a glimpse of her. She holds aloof from arrogance and liars never see her.       REB Apocrypha