The Lord will Arise

Isaiah 28:21 The Lord will arise as He did on Mt Perazim, [1 Chron. 14:11] and storm with rage as He did in the valley of Gibeon, [Joshua 10:9-15] to do what He must do, to perform a strange and alien task.

Isaiah 29:5 Suddenly, in an instant the horde of your enemies will crumble into dust, punishment will come from the Lord, with thunder, earthquakes, with storm and tempest and flames of devouring fire.

Isaiah 13:6-13 Cry out: for the Day of the Lord is at hand, it will come in a mighty destruction. Fear will grip everyone, men will lose courage at the coming disaster.    That cruel Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath is coming to reduce all the earth to a desolation and to destroy the evil and godless people on it. It will be a Day of darkness, on the day that the Lord brings disaster onto the world and due punishment to the wicked. He will put an end to arrogance and will humble the pride of the ruthless. Humans will become as scarce as fine gold, on the Day that the heavens will be moved and the earth shaken from its place, at the wrath of the Lord, in the Day of His blazing anger.  Ref. REB, some verses abridged.

As Isaiah tells us: The Lord has in the past acted to destroy His enemies and now: once again, He will take action and instigate His fiery punishment.

Isaiah 42:14 Long have I restrained Myselfnow I groan like a woman in labour. I shall lay to waste the earth and cause the streams and lakes to dry up.  Isaiah 59:18, Isaiah 63:1-6, Isaiah 64:1-2, Psalms 68:1-2, Jer. 12:14, Deuteronomy 32:26-43

The Lord will arise, to perform a strange task – to punish His enemies, the attackers of Israel and to humble the godless.

Punishment will come from the Lord – not a nuclear war or anything instigated by man, but God controlled, triggered by an Islamic attack onto Israel. Psalms 83, Isaiah 21:2 & 22:6

Suddenly, in an instant – This is the event that ‘will come like a thief’, unexpectedly.

earthquakes – Earthquakes will be caused by the microwave effect of the  electromagnetic pulse in a massive coronal mass ejection. Isaiah 30:26, Malachi 4:1

devouring fire – The fireball of the high temperature cosmic plasma of a CME.

the Day of the Lord is at hand – This is the logical result of most of mankind’s rejection of God and His Laws. Hebrews 10:27

Fear will grip everyone – This sudden and shocking event will terrify all those people unaware of God’s plans. Ezekiel 7:15-19

a mighty destruction, to reduce the earth to desolation – A worldwide disaster.

a day of darkness – The approaching mass from the sun will obscure it, also smoke from city and forest fires and ash from volcanoes.

Humans will become scarce – Millions will die from the initial strike and millions more from famine afterwards. Jeremiah 9:22

the heavens move – the magnetosphere and the atmosphere will be pushed aside at the impact area; the Middle East. Ezekiel 30:1-5, Isaiah 34:4, Rev. 6:14

the earth will shake from its place – the hit from this CME may cause the earth’s orbit to speed up, thereby giving us a 360 day year, which is the prophetic year. Isaiah 24:1

His blazing anger – It is appropriate that the Lord will use the sun, our life sustainer, to judge mankind. Deut. 32:34-35 A CME solar flare perfectly and literally fulfils all the prophesied effects, but it will quickly pass by, leaving the world to recover. A world that will never be the same again and the stage will be set for all the other prophesied things to happen before the Return of Jesus for His Millennium reign.