The Lord is a Shield

   The Lord is a shield to all who take refuge in Him

Psalm 18:1-6 I love You, Lord my strength, my God the Rock in which I find shelter. I shall call to the Lord to whom all praise is due, then I shall be made safe from my enemies. Death was upon me, so in anguish I cried to the Lord; He heard me.

Psalm 18:7-15 He parted the heavens and came down. The earth shook and quaked because of His anger. Smoke went up from His nostrils, devouring fire from His mouth. He swooped on the wings of the wind and made darkness and dense vapour His covering. Thick clouds covered the radiance before Him, with thunder, hail and glowing coals. He loosed His arrows far and wide and hurled lightning bolts round His enemies. The valleys of the sea were exposed, the earths foundations laid bare at the Lords rebuke.

Psalm 18:16-19 He reached down from on high and drew me up out of the mighty waters, He delivered me from my strong enemies. They attacked me in my hour of peril, but the Lord was my support. He brought me into a spacious place because He delighted in me.

Psalm 18:20-24The Lord dealt with me according to my righteousness, for the cleanness of my hands, He rewarded me. For I have kept to the ways of the Lord and not turned to wickedness. I have kept His laws and followed His decrees.

Psalm 18:25-29 Lord, you brighten my darkness. With Your help I can be strong to face my enemies.

Psalm 18:30-37 The way of the Lord is perfect, He is a shield to all who take refuge in Him. God is our Rock, who gives us strength. He trains my hand for battle. You give me Your shield of victory. Your right hand sustains me and my feet will not slip.

Psalm 18:38-42 I strike down my enemies and they rise no more. They cry, but their gods do not save them. I shall beat them fine as dust, like mud in the street.

Psalm 18:43-45 You deliver me from the attacks of the nations. A people I never knew will be my subjects. They obey me and come in trembling out of their strongholds.

Psalm 18:46 The Lord lives! Blessed be my Rock and saviour.

Psalm 18:47-50 You are the God who grants me vengeance, subduing nations under my feet. You deliver me from violent men, therefore I will praise You among the nations. You keep faith with Your anointed, to David and his descendants forever.

This psalm, written by David, applied to him personally, but also to the whole nation of Israel, all the Israelites of God; His faithful Christian people. Only the first 6 verses can be attributed to his times, the rest is end times prophecy.

V 7-15 The Lords Day of vengeance / the next Mid East war / the Sixth seal.

V 16-19 The Lord will save and protect His righteous people. They are resettled in the Promised Land.

V 20-27 Those who are faithful and obey His laws, are rewarded.

V 28-42 His people are made strong for battle and are victorious.

V 43-50 A descendant of David, the Lord Jesus will eventually rule the nations.

Reference; REB, NIV, KJV. Some verses abridged =