The Lord does not Abandon

      The Lord does not abandon those who seek Him

Psalms 9:1-20 I will praise You, Lord with my whole heart. I shall rejoice and exult in You.

You have upheld my rights, as a righteous Judge. My enemies turn back, they fall and perish.

You have rebuked the nations and overwhelmed the ungodly.

The enemy are finished, even memory of them is lost. The Eternal Lord has established His throne for the Judgement.

He it is who will judge the peoples with justice, He is a tower of strength for the oppressed.

Those who acknowledge You will trust in You, for You do not abandon those who seek the Lord.

Proclaim His deeds, for the Lord does not ignore the cry of the afflicted.

Show us favour, Lord, raise us from the gates of death, so we may praise You.

The nations are trapped in a pit of their own making. The Lord will make Himself known. All the nations who are heedless of the Living God, depart to Hell.

The hopes of the poor and needy will be realized, for the Lord will arise and judge the nations – they will know that they are but mortal.

Psalms 10:1-15 Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?

The arrogant wicked pursue the afflicted – may their schemes be their downfall.

The wicked boast of their plans, they revile the Lord and don’t consider Him. Their ways are always devious, they scoff at their adversaries and because nothing happens, they think it never will.

The wicked person is full of deceit and violence. They catch innocent people and murder them secretly. He says to himself- “God has forgotten, He sees nothing”.

Arise, Lord, set Your hand to the task. Do not forget the afflicted. The wicked reject You and say that You will not call them to account. You see that they love mischief and trouble. Their victims commit themselves to You, the helper of the fatherless. [The fiery wrath of the Lord, prophesied over 100 times in the Bible.]

Psalms 10:15-18 Break the power of the wicked and evil peoples, call them to account.      The Lord is King forever and the evil neighbours have gone from Your Land.

You hear, O God, the lament of the humble, encourage them and answer their prayer. Bring redress, so that no one will again inspire terror.

Ref: REB,NIV. Some verses abridged

These two Psalms tell us that the Lord will act when His righteous people pray to Him for deliverance from the plans of their evil neighbours. Jeremiah 12:14-22

Isaiah 59:18-20 According to their deeds, the Lord will repay. He will come as a Redeemer to Jacob and all who repent of their sins. Deuteronomy 32:41-43

Note: how in Psalms 10:16, how the Land is cleared of all godless peoples. This allows His people, righteous Israel to gather and live there. Ezekiel 28:25-26 Before the Return.