The Literal Translation of Matthew 24:31 reads….

The literal translation of Matthew 24:31 from the Greek reads, “And He-shall-set-off to-the-ones to-messengers of-it with of-a-trumpet of-great, and they-shall-lead-together-upon to-the-ones to-come forth-out of-it out of-the-ones of-four of-winds of-extremities of-skies unto-of-which the-extremities of-them” – meaning this event will set off a clarion call to those whom He has sent out to lead those whom He has called from the extremities of the earth into His Millennial Kingdom

Peter studied all of Paul’s epistles, and he understood them. But what does he say about those who don’t comprehend Paul’s epistles?

some things hard to understand, which the so called learned and unstable are twisting, as they do for rest of the scriptures also, to their own destruction. 2 Peter 3:16

Peter tells us that those who fail to comprehend Paul’s deeper teachings are ignorant and unstable, and therefore, they twist and misinterpret these scriptures to suit their own beliefs. And, not only do they twist these hard to understand scriptures, but Peter says that they are also twisting and making false doctrines out of other scriptures, as well. 

And that my friend is the truth of it. Once one “twists” one Scripture to suit one’s personal interpretation, if often involves guesswork, assumptions, false conclusions and an outright deceptive interpretation of many other Scriptures as well.