The Land Belongs to My People

  THE LAND BELONGS TO MY PEOPLE –Christians, the one people of God, thru Jesus.      

Jeremiah 32.  The Lord tells Jeremiah to buy a field and hide the deed of purchase in a sealed jar, to be preserved for a long time to come.

Verse 30  Israel and Judah provoked My anger by their idolatry, therefore…

Verse 36  …. the Land is given over to the sword, famine and pestilence.

Verse 37-43 God’s people, all the Israel of God, gathered from all the lands to which I banished them. They will be My people and I shall be their God.

Verse 44  Then, once again, property will be bought and sold.

I would love to think that sometime soon, that jar will be found and proof of ownership by the faithful people of God, established forever.

Note how the prophets carefully maintain the separation of Judah and Israel

Also note in Jeremiah 12:14 about what will happen to the “evil neighbours”.