The House of Israel and the House of Judah

   It’s an unfortunate fact that most people – Christian and secular, believe that the Jews in the land of Israel and abroad have already rejoined with the 10 lost tribes – OR the 10 tribes are lost permanently, absorbed into the nations.

Certainly, at the time of the Assyrian conquest and captivity of the 10 tribes, many escaped to Judah. These people practised Judaism and became Jews.  Note that 200,000 people from Judah were also taken into exile at that time according to Assyrian records.

Also note that some modern Jewish scholars admit that the 10 tribes are still in the world.  In 1948, David Ben Gurion, was intending to declare the country of the Jews, to be the State of Judah.  At the last moment he named the new country “Israel”.

Speculation as to the identity of the House of Israel has used up a lot of paper and ink, but most make the mistake of thinking that because some people groups have certain Jewish traditions, then they must be a lost tribe.  It may be that they are Jews, or have been influenced by Judaism.

The Bible says that Israel would lose its language and identity and be scattered to the ends of the earth. But; Judah will be an object of derision and horror in the world. Jeremiah 29:18 This prophecy has certainly come true!

1 Kings 12:24  The Lord says- the split between Israel and Judah is My doing.

Zechariah 11:14  The Brotherhood annulled between Israel and Judah.

2 Chron 10:19 From that day to this, Israel is in rebellion against Judah.

Ezekiel 11:1-12  Ezekiel is talking to the leaders of Judah, delivering judgement on them for not keeping the laws of the Lord.

Ezekiel 11:13-17…. all the Israelites who are left? They are your brothers and kinsmen, this whole people of Israel, to whom the inhabitants now in Jerusalem have said, “They are separated far from the Lord; the land has been made over to us to possess”. Say, therefore…. When I sent them far away among the nations and dispersed them over the earth… I became their sanctuary…. Say, therefore….. I shall gather you from among the nations….. I shall give the land of Israel to you.

Zephaniah10:6-12  Triumph to Judah, Victory to Joseph… as though I had never cast them off. Ephraim like warriors…. rejoice in the Lord.  I shall whistle to call them in. In far off lands, they will remember Me….Their enemies destroyed…. resettled back in Lebanon and Gilead. This clearly describes the Psalm 83 event, then His people are gathered into the Land.

It is no wonder that so many ignore prophecy, as when they think that Israel and Judah are a single entity, only confusion results.

So, the prophecies to Judah, Jerusalem and the Jews pertain to the House of Judah.

The House of Israel, led by Ephraim (Joseph), has many prophecies telling of their blessings and final rejoining with Judah in the land.  Each House has tasks appointed to it for the present days: Judah, the visible entity and Israel the Christian peoples.