The Future of Planet Earth

The Future of Planet Earth

People who think that life on our earth can continue as it is indefinitely are in denial of the reality that confronts us every day in the news about nations preparing for war and the increasing proliferation of natural disasters.

In many areas of the world at this time, there are countries with populations that   exceed the capability of their land to feed them. This is especially apparent in the Middle East and now with governmental changes in many of these nations, the new regimes find themselves unable to fulfill the aspirations of their youthful populations. In their desperation to divert the anger of their hungry and unsatisfied peoples, these leaders will point to a scapegoat as the cause of their troubles. We already hear the leaders of Iran doing this and it is the State of Israel who is ‘the cancer in the midst of the Islamic lands’, that must be got rid of, then they assure their people; all will be well.

For anyone who looks at the success rate of diplomatic efforts to resolve international threats, it will be evident that an aggressive nation simply uses that process to buy time in their preparations for war. The Islamic code of Al Takkaya means that they are allowed, even encouraged, to use untruths and to abrogate treaties in order to advance their cause. But the intentions of Iran and its allies, have been made abundantly clear, they say: ‘We will wipe them out as a nation, Israel will be remembered no more’.

The amazing thing about this quote, is that it was written more that 3000 years ago as a prophecy and now, in the Bible we can read it in Psalms 83:4. This Psalm lists the people groups who plot against Israel and it goes on to prophesy how those enemies will be vanquished, as the opponents of ancient Israel were.

The Bible consists of approximately one third of prophetic scripture. That which has been fulfilled proves its accuracy and the inspired revelation of the ancient prophets.

Now, we are very close to the time when the Creator God will act once again on the earth and the very many prophecies about the end of this age will take place.