The Fire is Alight, Nothing can Stop it coming to the Earth

The fire is alight, nothing will stop it coming to earth      2 Esdras 16:15

The following 116 Bible verses describe the literal effects of the Coronal Mass Ejection that the Lord will use to carry out His prophesied Day of vengeance and wrath against His enemies, the godless peoples and nations that attack the State of Israel. It will strike earth at midday, Zephaniah 2:4 and virtually depopulate the entire Middle East. Ezekiel 30:1-5

1/ LIGHT -The initial light flash arrives from the sun within 8 minutes.

Isaiah 30:26a The sun will shine with seven times its normal strength, like seven days in one. The flash of a CME explosion on the suns surface of an unprecedented magnitude, directed toward earth, consisting of the entire spectrum of light waves to microwaves.

Isaiah 30:26a & Rev 6:12b The moon will shine blood red, as brightly as the sun.  This will be the thermite reaction of superheated hydrogen and the lunar regolith. [moon dust]

Psalms 50:1-3 God has spoken…from the rising of the sun to its setting…consuming fire rages….

Habakkuk 3:3-4 His brightness is like the dawn, His radiance covers the sky.

Psalms 144:6 Send lightning bolts to scatter Your enemies.

Psalms 18:14 He hurled lightning shafts far and wide.

Ezekiel 21:10 My deadly sword is sharpened, it will flash like lightning for the slaughter.

2/ HEAT – Seven times hotter, ambient temperature say, 15c X 7 = could be 120c, 250f

Malachi 4:1 The Day comes, burning like a furnace.

Psalms 18:8 Smoke and fire come from the Lord, with glowing coals and searing heat.

Isaiah 64:1-2 When You tear apart the sky, fires blaze and water boils.

Jeremiah 17:8…when the heat comes, trust in the Lord for protection.

Jeremiah 6:29 The fiery bellows of judgement burn fiercely to refine My people.

Isaiah 25:4 You give refuge to the poor and needy, shelter from the tempest and shade from the heat.

3/ DARKNESS – Caused by the sun being obscured by the approaching ejected mass.

Isaiah 50:3 I can clothe the sky in darkness, cover it with sackcloth.

Amos 5:20 The Day of the Lord is indeed a Day of deep darkness.

Isaiah 13:10 The sun, moon and stars will give no light.

Ezekiel 32:7-8 I will veil the sky with clouds and bring darkness over the land.

Zephaniah 1:15 The Day of the Lord’s anger will be a Day of destruction, of darkness and gloom.

Amos 8:9 On that Day, the sun will darken at noon. [after the initial flash]

Revelation 6:12…the sun turned black as a funeral pall and the whole moon blood red.

Psalms 18:11 He made thick darkness His covering, dense vapour His canopy.

Jeremiah 4:23 The earth was in chaos and the sky was in darkness.

4/ FIRE – 24 hours after the initial flash the main mass of superheated cosmic particles envelopes the earth.

Zephaniah 3:8…the whole earth will be affected by the fire of My anger.

Isaiah 66:15 The Lord is coming in fire like a whirlwind with the flaming fire of His rebuke.

Luke 3:16 He will baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire, the chaff will burn forever.

Ezekiel 20:47 I am about to light a fire, its fiery flame cannot be put out.

1 Corinthians 3:13…for that Day dawns in fire and fire will test every persons worth.

Psalm 21:9 The anger of the Lord will engulf His enemies in a fiery furnace and consume them.

Hebrews 10:27 For the godless, there is only the terrifying expectation of a fierce fire that will consume God’s enemies.

2 Peter 3:10 On that Day the earth will be enveloped in flames and all that is in it will be brought to judgement.

2 Thessalonians 1:7-8 ..when the Lord Jesus comes forth with His mighty host in blazing fire, he will punish all the godless and apostate people.

Psalms 97:2-5 Cloud enfolds Him, fire goes ahead and consumes His enemies.

Isaiah 4:4b The Lord will cleanse Jerusalem, with His judgement burning like fire.

Isaiah 33:12 The nations will be burned to ashes, like thorn bushes set on fire.

Ezekiel 30:16 I shall set Egypt on fire. Amos 1:1-15 Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan burned.

5/ EARTHQUAKES – The electromagnetic microwave effect will cause volcanoes & earthquakes.

Haggai 2:6 In a little while, I shall shake the sky, the earth and break the power of the godless.

Psalms 144:5 Lord, part the sky and come down, touch the mountains, so they pour forth smoke.

Isaiah 24:18-19 ..the windows of the sky above are opened, the earths foundations shake, it is convulsed and reels wildly.

Amos 8:8-9 On that day the earth will quake like ocean waves.

Revelation 6:12-14 There was a violent earthquake…every mountain and island was moved.

Psalms 18:7 The earth shook and quaked, the mountains trembled because of His anger.

Jeremiah 4:24 The mountains were reeling and the hills rocked to and fro.

Habakkuk 3:6 The Lord shakes the earth, the mountains are flattened.

6/ EARTH MOVED–The earth’s orbit may be speeded up by this event, resulting in a 360 day year, that will make reality out the time periods given to us in Revelation and Daniel.

Isaiah 13:13…and the earth will be moved out of her place.

7/ COSMC PARTICLES – This CME will hit with a great pressure wave. Previous CME’s have pushed satellites into lower orbits, this one will make them crash back to earth. This cannot refer to real stars, as the nearest one is 4¼ light years away and they are of enormous size.

Isaiah 28:2 The Lord will beat down violently upon the earth, as a destroying tempest.

Revelation 6:13 The starry host will fall to the earth, like fruit blown of a tree in a gale.

Isaiah 34:4 The host of the heavens will fall like ripe fruit.

Jeremiah 6:25 Do not go outside, for the sword of the Lord spreads terror all around.

8/ ELECTRICAL EFFECTS – The supercharged particles will cause extreme voltage flow in all the electric power supply systems, telephone wires as well as fences and pipelines, etc.  Transformers and switchgear will be destroyed. Any appliances connected to the grid, even if switched off, will burn out. Most  telephone and radio communications will be out of action for a long time. Modern vehicles, aircraft and ships will be inoperable.

9/ SKY EFFECTS – The earth magnetosphere and atmosphere are badly affected. This may cause a pole shift and huge storms will encircle the globe.

Isaiah 13:13 I shall make the heavens shudder…on the day of the Lord’s blazing anger.

Isaiah 51:6 The sky will be dispersed like smoke.

2 Peter 3:10 …the heavens will disappear with a great rushing sound.

Revelation 6:14 The sky vanished like a scroll being rolled up.

Isaiah 34:4 The sky will crumble into nothing and will be rolled up like a scroll.

Psalms 83:15 Pursue Your enemies with Your tempest, terrify them with Your storm winds.

Jeremiah 30:23See what a scorching wind goes out, it rages down upon the heads of the wicked.

Jeremiah 4:11 & 20 A scorching wind will sweep down upon My people, the whole Land is ruined.

10/ A GREAT NOISE – The CME strike will be heard all around the earth.

Jeremiah 25:30-31 The Lord roars from on high, the great noise reaches the ends of the earth, for He judges the nations and has handed over the wicked for destruction.

Isaiah 29:6 Judgement will come from the Lord with thunder, earthquakes, loud noise and consuming flames of fire.

Jeremiah 51:54-55 The Lord is ready to destroy the godless nations, the advancing wave booms and roars as it despoils them.

11/ DEATHS WORLDWIDE – Many millions will die, but for those who stay in shelter, it will be survivable, it is only a one day event. More will die from fighting and famine afterward.

Deuteronomy 32:41 When I set My hand to judgement, My sword will devour flesh.

Isaiah 28:21-22 The Lord will arise and storm with rage, destruction is decreed upon the earth.

Isaiah 66:16 He will judge with fire, many will be slain by Him.

Isaiah 34:5 For My sword is prepared, it descends in judgement on those doomed for death.

Isaiah 51:6 The sky will be dispersed like smoke and the people will die like flies.

Jeremiah 25:33 Those that the Lord kills on that Day will lie scattered from one end of the earth to the other. They will not be mourned or buried, they will be as dung on the ground.

Isaiah 63:1-6 The Lord comes from the nations, His garments splashed with blood, His Day of vengeance had come and He tramped on them and spilled out their blood.

Psalm 37:20 Evil people will die, they will be incinerated and go up in smoke.

Isaiah 13:12 Humans will become scarce, more rare that fine gold.

Ezekiel 30:4-5 Egypt will suffer anguish…her slain will fall along with all the Arab lands.

Zephaniah 1:3 & 11 I shall destroy humans and animals, I shall bring the godless to their knees. Dire distress will come to sinful peoples, their blood and guts will spill on the ground.

Jeremiah 9:22 Corpses will lie like dung in the fields, with no one to gather them.

Ezekiel 21:3 My sword of judgement will kill both the righteous and wicked alike, from the Negev, Northward.

Jeremiah 11:16 Once you were My people, now with a great noise, you will be burned & consumed.

Isaiah 5:25 His anger is roused against His people and as He strikes them down the mountains shake. Their bodies lie like refuse in the streets.

Ezekiel 32:6 I shall drench the land with blood, the villages will be filled with it.

12/ THE LAND BURNED – The fireball will make forests and wooden houses catch fire, even concrete buildings mostly have tarred roofs, which will burn, as will tar sealed roads.

2 Peter 3:12 Look forward to the coming Day of the Lord and work to hasten it on, that Day will set the sky ablaze and will melt the elements in fervent heat.

Isaiah 9:19 The land is scorched and the people are fuel for the fire.

Jeremiah 4:26 The fertile land becomes a wilderness before the fierce anger of the Lord.

Isaiah 42:15 I shall lay waste to all the land and dry up the rivers and lakes.

Ezekiel 15:8 I will make the land a waste because they have broken faith.

Joel 1:11 & 19-20 Despair you farmers for your harvest is lost, the ground is dry and scorched.  To You, Lord I cry out for fire has consumed the pastures and trees of the land.

Jeremiah 9:10-12 …...the land is scorched and untrodden, not even birds or beasts remain.   Jerusalem and the towns of Judah are ruined and uninhabited. The Land is a dead place, burned and laid waste.

Isaiah 10:18-19 Suddenly, His trees and meadows will be destroyed, what remains will be so few that a child may count them.

13/ CITIES DESERTED – The fires and destruction will drive people out and there will be no power, water or communications, plus no food deliveries, survival must be out in the country.

Isaiah 17:9 On the Day of Retribution, cities will be deserted.

Isaiah 6:11-12 How long, Lord? Until the Land is desolate and cities are deserted, houses vacant.

Jeremiah 4:7 The Destroyer comes, cities will lay waste and empty.

Hosea 8:14 You have forgotten your Maker, I shall send fire to burn your cities.

Micah 5:10-11 On that Day, I will devastate your cities.

Jeremiah 9:21-22 Death has come to our towns, corpses lie like dung in the streets.

Jeremiah 4:26 Your Holy cities are ruined, Jerusalem is burned by fire, all that we treasured has been destroyed.

Isaiah 27:10 The fortified city is left solitary, stripped bare and forsaken like a wilderness.

14/ THE MILITARY DESTROYED – The powerful electromagnetic pulse will disable ships, tanks and aircraft. It will also cause explosive devices to either explode or be neutralized.

Jer. 50:22-23 The noise of battle is heard, see how the hammer of the whole world is broken.

Hosea 2:18 …I shall break the bow and all weapons of war and sweep them off the earth.

Micah 5:5-11 On that Day, I will destroy your military fortifications.

Zephaniah 1:16 A Day of battle cries against the fortified cities and towns.

Isaiah 30:25b On the Day of massacre, when fortresses fall.

Amos 5:9 Destruction will flash forth onto the mighty, against their strongholds.

Jeremiah 50:27 Put all warriors to the sword, lead them to slaughter, for their time has come.

15/ AN UNEXPECTED EVENT – This sudden and shocking event, is not the Return of Jesus, as when the Anti Christ desecrates the new Temple, Jesus will come exactly 1260 days after that.

2 Peter 3:10 The great and terrible Day of the Lord will come like a thief, unexpectedly.

Isaiah 29:5-6 Suddenly, in an instant, your enemies will be punished with earthquakes, storms and flames of devouring fire.

Isaiah 10:17-19 In 1 Day, the Lord will burn up His enemies, sudden as someone falling into a fit.

Jeremiah 6:26…for in an instant the Despoiler will be upon us.

16/ A ONE DAY EVENT – A CME strikes the earth at a speed of 3 to 5 million miles per hour. It causes terrible effects, but then continues on past, leaving us to recover.

Zephaniah 3:8 Wait for the Day when I accuse the nations and pour out My burning anger upon the whole world.

Ezekiel 30:2-3 Alas for the Day, a day is near, the Day of the Lord is near, a Day of reckoning for the nations.

Isaiah 13:9 The Day of the Lord is coming, a cruel Day of wrath and fierce anger.

Joel 1:15 The Day is near, it comes, a mighty destruction from the Lord.

Isaiah 2:20-21 On the Day the Lord will arise and strike the world with terror.

Zechariah 3:9 In a single Day, I will wipe away the guilt of this Land.

Isaiah 63:4-6 I resolved on a Day of vengeance, I shattered nations in My fury.                     [it.

Joel 2:11 The Lord thunders as He leads the host, great and terrible is the Day, who can endure

Zephaniah 2:4-5 Land of the Philistines, at midday, I shall crush you and lay you in ruins, bereft of inhabitants.

Joel 2:30-31 On that great and terrible Day of the Lord, the sky and the earth will show blood, fire and smoke.  

17/ HIS PEOPLE – Joel 2:32 Then all who call on the Lord’s Name will be saved.

Isaiah 30:26 The sun will shine 7 times stronger, on the Day the Lord saves and heals His people

Habakkuk 3:12-13 Furiously You traverse the earth, in anger You trample down the nations. You go forth to save Your people.

Joel 3:16 The Lord roars from Zion, the heavens and the earth shudder but He is a refuge for His people and a defence for Israel.

Psalm 68:1-3 God springs into action! His enemies scatter like smoke, as wax melts before a fire, so the godless are destroyed before Him. The righteous are happy and praise God.

Isaiah 43:2 When you pass through rivers, they will not overwhelm you. Walk through fire and flames and not be burned or scorched. I am the Lord, your God and your Deliverer.

1 Peter 1:5 Because you put your faith in God, you are under the protection of His power until the salvation now in readiness is revealed at the end of time.

             Reference: Revised English Bible. Some verses abridged.