The Fig Tree is blossoming

The ultimate and final Yom Kippur for the new nation of Beulah [Isaiah 62:4] will be on the last day of the seventieth week, as prophesied by Daniel and described in Revelation, a ‘week’ of seven prophetic years, exactly 2520 days.  Then, five days later the final Sukkot will occur, after His people have made ‘atonement for their iniquity’, and then seventy five days after Yom Kippur, the fully restored and forgiven Israelites, all of the Lord’s faithful Christian people, will celebrate the final Hanukkah. This fits exactly with the additional days given by Daniel 12:11-12 …thirty days plus forty five days equals seventy five.

At His Return, Christ will fulfil these Autumn festivals, exactly as he did with the Spring festivals during His first advent.Matthew 24:32-34 – Christ tells us to learn from the fig tree, when it breaks into leaf,  we can know that the end is near and the generation present at that time; will live to see it all.

Obviously, it was not that generation who heard His prophecy, but He means the last generation before these things take place. They ‘will live to see it all’, means within a lifetime, that is three score and ten = seventy years, or possibly eighty years. The prophecy in: Ezekiel 12:25-28 ….it will be put off no longer, you rebellious people [the Jewish people, symbolized by the fig tree] in your lifetime, I will do what I have planned……these prophecies are for a time far off…..the Lord says: there will be no more delays, it will be done.

This tells us that within ‘your lifetime’, when the fig tree ‘breaks into leaf’, that is when Judah, again has control of the Land, the Lord will act once more in His creation. Therefore within seventy to eighty years of May 1948, we can expect the commencement of the many prophecies about the end times.

Many of the Scriptures that I point out and explain, will be at odds with some traditional doctrines and theology. Because of the seriousness of these issues and the probable direct consequences these events will have on you and your family, each reader must draw their own conclusions. Read the prophecies that describe future happenings, carefully comparing the different interpretations as given by various Bible scholars. But, the only real test of truth is God’s infallible Word, read literally (excepting the obvious allegories) From what I have read, most writers on end times subjects, simply ignore a lot of scripture, especially in the Old Testament, and my experience is; that when asked about this, they just do not reply.

Actually, disbelief and being ignored is what I expect when I point out the prophetic scriptures. After all, that was the general reaction to the prophets themselves. I will continue my task of trying to bring understanding to you and whoever cares to listen.  

As Ezekiel was told in Ezekiel 33:7, it was his job to warn people, so if they refuse to listen, just can’t see it, don’t want to know, doesn’t suit their preconceived notions, or simply do not care – that is their concern, but I will not be responsible and will have saved myself.

Acts 13:40-41 Beware lest you bring down upon yourselves the doom prophesied. See this, you scoffers, marvel and begone, for I am doing a deed in your days, a deed that you will never believe when you are told of it.