The Elephant in the Room

People today are mostly in denial of what the future may hold for them. Worldwide natural disasters and manmade problems seem to be proliferating with no easing up or solutions in sight. It may just be possible for mankind to overcome its economic woes,  resource shortages and rebuild earthquake damage, etc, but a prospective World War 3, starting in the Middle East, has the potential to practically wipe us out and pollute large areas of the earth.

A lot of people do not want to be concerned about the future, it’s hard enough just to get by without any extra worry and it is right that we must carry on doing what we have to for survival. Those whom God has called for a specific task must continue to do it and we all need to plan and provide for the future as though things will continue as usual. It is a mistake to sell up and withdraw to a hideout, as many failed doomsday proponents have shown.

However, ‘You, My friends are not in the dark’  about end times events. ‘It is ‘While they are saying: All is peaceful: sudden destruction will come upon them’. 1 Thess. 5:3-4      ‘My friends’– those who love the Lord and keep His commandments.  Luke 21:34-36

they/them’– godless people, who don’t know that God Himself will act against them. Micah 4:12

The Bible [and the Apocrypha] have a very large amount of unfulfilled prophecy, that is not there for no reason; God expects us to take note of what He has told us through His prophets. Because so many incorrect ideas and notions about what God has planned abound in the church and in the secular world, it is difficult for us to overcome them and just simply believe the literal words of the prophets. Excepting for the obvious metaphors, which are used to describe events and scenes unknown in their time.

With the current world situation as it is, then we must expect something dramatic to change the situation and commence the end times events. The Lord had told us, through the ancient prophets, what this will be – in over 100 prophecies, of the great and terrible Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath, a judgement of fire that destroys His enemies. We are clearly informed of the nature and extent of this event, it will be a gigantic fireball exploded from the sun – a Coronal Mass Ejection of superheated particles that will envelope the earth and literally cause all the prophesied disasters. But there will be plenty of survivors, just a matter of staying under shelter until the CME passes and fervent prayers for the Lord’s protection. Acts 2:21

The so called prophecy gurus, don’t have the truth and while their motivation is money and adulation, God will not enlighten them. Demonic entities can perform certain signs and wonders and I guess they know what the Bible says, therefore they may give  mankind information or dis-information, for their own reasons. So, people are now without any real idea of how and when this huge threat will impact their existence.

The fulfilment of the Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath is ‘the Elephant in the Room’, the event that ‘comes like a thief’, but we who ‘are His friends’ can and should know of what the Lord has planned for His creation.