The Elect are every Individual

The elect are every individual chosen by God and who have been born again into the salvation offered by Jesus.
Saying they are Israel, the Jews or the Church, are all misnomers as God’s holy people, all faithful Christians,  are from every tribe, race, nation and language. Rev 5:9-10, Rev 7:9, Isaiah 66:18b

But remember that Jacob was given the name of Israel by God, as he was an overcomer. That is what the word Israel literally means: an Overcomer for God. So we Christians are the Israelites of God, the victorious ones over the wiles of Satan and the temptations of this world. Colossians 1:11-12

Who is it that will be gathered at Jesus’ Return? God’s holy people, those who have endured until the end, Rev 13:9-10.

The ‘Victorious’ ones, as described in the Ephesus Church – Revelation 2:7

The Smyrna Church – Rev 2:10-11

The Pergamum Church – Rev 2:17

The Thyatira Church – Rev 2:26

The Sardis Church – Rev 3:5

The Philadelphia Church – Rev 3:12

The Laodicea Church – Rev 3:21 To anyone who is Victorious, I will grant a place beside Me on My Throne, as I Myself was Victorious and sat down with My Father on His Throne. You have ears; so hear what the Spirit says to all the Churches!

This truth totally refutes the rapture to heaven and all the preterist’s wrong ideas. It’s time for every Christian to ‘gird their loins’, in other words; be aware and mentally [and physically] prepared for what must come. To almost everyone alive , what the Lord is soon to do, will come as a severe shock, causing many Christians to lose their faith because what they expected to happen; did not.

We must stand firm in our faith and do what we are told to do: Call upon the Name of the Lord and you will be saved. Joel 2:32, Acts 2:21

Plainly; the time for sitting down and receiving our rewards, will happen after the Millennium. Revelation  21 & 22

 Revelation 21:7 This is the victors heritage; I will be their God and they will be My children.