The Earth; in Chaos and Darkness

The Earth: In Chaos and Darkness

Jeremiah 4:5-7 Declare this in Judah, Proclaim it in Jerusalem! [the State of Israel]   Sound the war trumpet throughout the land and command the people to assemble. Make a signal to Zion to head for safety without delay, for the Lord is about to bring you disaster and dire destruction from afar. The Destroyer of the nations has come out of his lair to make your land desolate and your cities will be laid waste, bereft of inhabitants.

Jeremiah 4:-9 Therefore: put on sackcloth and wail, for the fierce anger of the Lord will not be averted from Judah. On that Day, the courage of your leaders will fail and your Rabbis will be shocked and appalled.

Jeremiah 4:11-12 When that time comes the people will be told: A scorching wind from the high place will sweep down upon My people, a gale too strong for winnowing, a powerful blast will come at My bidding, when I state My case against My people.

Jeremiah 4:19-20 & 46 Oh how I writhe in anguish, I hear the sounds of destruction and the crashing as the whole land goes down in ruin. Suddenly, in an instant the buildings are thrown down, the cities are flattened by the fire of the Lord’s fury.

Jeremiah 4:23-28 I saw the earth and it was in chaos and darkness. The mountains and hills shook and reeled. The land was like a wilderness, there was no one to be seen, even the birds had gone. The earth will mourn for this in darkness, for now that I have made My purpose known, I shall not relent or change it. Ref: REB

This unfulfilled prophecy describes the multi prophesied judgement/punishment by fire, that will destroy the Lord’s enemies and carried out by the ‘Destroyer of the nations’. Deuteronomy 32:34  It is the great and terrible Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath, the Sixth Seal of Revelation. It is the final punishment of Judah, their ‘third swing of the sword’. Ezekiel 21:14, Jeremiah 8:12, Jeremiah 11:15-16, Isaiah 22:12-14

This blast of superheated wind results from an earth directed explosion of the suns surface, Isaiah 30:26, at mid-day  ME. time, Zephaniah 2:4, that will suddenly ruin the entire Middle Eastern region, ‘laying it waste and bereft of inhabitants’. Isaiah 64:10, Isaiah 17:1, Jeremiah 49:2, Isaiah 34:5

The whole earth will ‘be in chaos and darkness’, the extreme heat, earthquakes, powerful winds and tsunamis will kill millions worldwide. Jeremiah 9:21-22, Isaiah 66:15-17

Now that the Lord has made known His plan, He will not relent or change it’.