The day of the Lord’s Vengeance and Wrath in the Holy Land

TEzekiel 21:2-7 Son of man, set your face toward Jerusalem and prophesy against the Land of Israel. My sword will be drawn against everyone from the Negev to the North, it will kill both the righteous and wicked alike. All courage will fail – it will surely take place. 

 Ezekiel 21:10-14 My sword is sharpened to kill, even the sceptre of My Royal Son. Testing will surely come and what if the sceptre of Judah, which the sword despises, does not continue? Swing the sword three times, the great sword of slaughter. 1st time – 585BC, 2nd time – 69/70AD, 3rd time- to come.

Jeremiah 8:5-12 Judah has no remorse or repentance, How can you say: We have the Law, when your scribes have falsified it? For all, high and low are out for ill-gotten gain, your prophets and rabbis are frauds, every one of them. This wicked race would rather die than live. They say: All is well; no, nothing is well, they will all fall with a great crash on the Day of Reckoning. You will be as dung spread on the ground. Then, I will give the Land to new owners.

Ezekiel 16:35-63 Listen you harlot: Because of your brazen excesses…I shall bring you to trial for adultery and murder…You must bear the consequences of your lewd and abominable conduct, I shall treat you as you deserve, because you violated an oath and made light of a covenant.              You will remember and be so ashamed and humiliated that you will never open your mouth again.  [after the Lord’s punishment and pardon]

Amos 2:4-5 For the crimes of Judah, there will be no reprieve, they have spurned the Law of the Lord and have not observed His decrees. They have followed false gods. Therefore I shall send fire on Judah, fire will consume them.

Hosea 8:14And for you, Judah, a harvest of reckoning will come, I will send fire onto your cities

Zephaniah 1:4-6 Judah will be judged and those who have neither sought the Lord, nor enquired of Him, will be wiped out.

Obadiah 1:15-16 The Day of the Lord is at hand for all the nations….you too will drink the cup of wrath that My people, Judah, must drink on My Holy mountain.

Jeremiah 19:11 I shall smash this people, as a clay jar is smashed beyond repair. There will be no room left to bury them all.

Jeremiah 21:11-14 To the Royal House of Judah….I shall punish you as you deserve. I shall set fire to your scrubland, it will consume everything around about.

Ezekiel 20:46-47...I am about to kindle a fire in the Negev….it will scorch everyone in the Land.

Zechariah 13:8-9 It will happen throughout the Land, that 2/3 of the people will die. The 1/3 left will pass through the refining fire. They will call on Me and I will answer them….

Isaiah 9:18-19 Wicked men have been set ablaze. The Land is scorched and the people are fuel for the fire.

Jeremiah 13:19 The towns in the Negev are besieged, no one can relieve them. Judah has been swept clean away.

Isaiah 4:3-4 The remnant of Judah will be called holy when the Lord cleanses Zion by a Spirit of judgement burning like fire.

Luke 19:27 As for those enemies of Mine, who did not want Me for their King, bring them here and slaughter them

Matthew 27:25 His blood be upon us and our children.

Matthew 21:41-43 The King will bring those criminals to justice and destroy them. Therefore the Kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will bear its fruit.             

Reference: REB. NIV, KJV. Some verses abridged