The Day of our Deliverance

Show time!   

We who trust in the Lord and are Bible believers can and should know what He has planned for our future. Paul says: 1 Thessalonians 5:4 You; friends are not in the dark, that Day will not come upon you like a thief. Revelation 1:1 The Lord has revealed His plans to His servants.

We believe that God’s Word is inerrant and complete as presented to us in the Holy Scriptures, therefore it is not right to ignore parts of it, or to say: that must have already happened, and:  that does not apply to us, excepting for the obvious.

To hold onto beliefs that do not have solid Bible support, like looking to the Return of Jesus as the next event, or a ‘rapture’ out of this world, is a serious error and may result in some disadvantage for you. The attitude of “I trust in the Lord for protection” is correct, but barely adequate when He has given us so much warning and information.

The actual end times events will surprise and shock those who didn’t bother to gain understanding, even though it will dramatically affect everyone.

The unfortunate part about not knowing our future, is that we miss out on the anticipation of the wonderful and amazing promises that the Lord has made to His people, those who keep His Laws and honour and praise their Creator.

Now, there is a great proliferation of end times misinformation, books, movies, internet, etc. Hopefully people can see through the commercialization and profit making opportunities of these times. But, the biggest problems for church goers is the lack of preaching about prophecy and the adherence to inadequate Bible translations. How can we properly understand something written 400 years ago? So many Bibles have, at best a translators bias and at worst actual changes to suit certain doctrines.

People quote Matthew 24:36 …no one knows the day or hour… omitting the full quote, that is; verse 35-36 Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Words will never pass away. Yet about THAT Day and hour no one knows…    Then Jesus goes on to talk about His Return – an event we definitely can know, that will be exactly 1260 days after the Anti Christ desecrates the Temple. The verse that explain Matthew 24:35-36 belong at the time of the end of the Millennium, as Revelation 20:11 says: heaven and earth will flee… at the Great White Throne Judgement.

Why has God given us so many end time prophecies if we can only know afterwards?

To say that it is impossible to know the timing of soon to happen prophesied events, results in a contradiction of Scripture, as several prophets say that we can know God’s plans. Psalms 25:14, Isaiah 46:10, Isaiah 48:16, Amos 3:7, 2 Peter 1:19, Revelation 1:1       

Luke 22:34-36 Be on your guard, do not let your minds be dulled by worldly cares, so that the great Day catches you by surprise, like a trap, for that Day will come on everyone, the whole world over. Be alert and pray for strength to pass safely through all that is coming and to be able to stand before Jesus.

 This Bible passage is not about the Day of the Return, but the great Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath, a worldwide fire judgement, the next prophesied event.

We are actually given time periods, figures that many people have grappled with and always come up with incorrect results, because up until now, God has not wanted mankind to know. Now, as we near the ‘two days’ / 2000 years of the church age, we Christians should be at least aware of forthcoming events.