The Davidic line and the Covenants

Soon after the nations had been dispersed at Babel, God entered into a Covenant with Abram, for the purpose of blessing the world through him and his descendants, who we know are only people of faith; Jew and Gentile. Galatians 3:26-29

 This covenant, known as the Abrahamic Covenant unconditionally promises three things to the Lord’s people: land / seed or descendants / and blessings. These three promises are amplified in further covenants that God made with the original, natural descendants.

The Land, all that area from the Nile to the Euphrates, has never been fully occupied solely by any cohesive group as yet.

This seed aspect of the Abrahamic Covenant’s promises is later amplified in what is known as the Davidic Covenant. After God rejected Saul, God selected David from among Jesse’s sons, leading to David’s anointing as the nation’s second king.

In time, God entered into a covenant with David, promising that through David’s lineage would come an eternal house, throne, and kingdom.

The Gospels confirm Jesus Christ as the unique Davidic descendant who will one day rule the world from Jerusalem.

While the Abrahamic and Davidic Covenants are unconditional, the Mosaic Covenant is conditional; Exodus 19-23  Thus, any given generation within Israel must meet the conditions of the Mosaic Covenant in order to experience the blessings promised in the Abrahamic and Davidic Covenants. They must enthrone the king of God’s own choosing, Deuteronomy 17:15, thereby satisfying the condition of obedience found in the Mosaic Covenant.

First-century Israel failed to enthrone Jesus, so they lost the covenantal blessings. Such a rejection not only led to first-century Israel’s failure to gain the Kingdom blessings, but also to a long interim age when the Davidic kingdom would be kept hidden. Luke 19:11-27

During this time of postponement, the ascended Christ has been elevated to the Father’s right hand. Acts 2:33-34; Psalms 110:1 In this position of glory, Jesus continues His ministry spiritually, in which He functions as priest and our Comforter. Matthew 28:20

Many years elapsed between David’s anointing as king and when David actually began to reign after Saul’s death. In the same way, Christ has been anointed at His Ascension as the one who will ultimately fulfill the Davidic Covenant. However, He will not begin to actually rule as Davidic king until the nations are made His footstool and Satan has finally been deposed at the inauguration of the Messiah’s earthly kingdom.

Revelation 3:21 He who overcomes, I will grant to him to sit down with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.

Those trusting in Christ will be rewarded (future tense) by joining Him in His earthly reign, Revelation 5:10a, just as Christ overcame and sat down (past tense) on His Father’s heavenly throne. Nowhere is it said that we humans go to live in heaven.

During the future glorious one-thousand year era, everything that was promised in the Abrahamic and Davidic Covenants will find a literal fulfilment when Christ will rule the world from Jerusalem. This earthly kingdom will then merge into the Eternal State, fulfilling the Davidic Covenant’s eternal requirement. 1 Corinthians 15:24